MADAME X REVISITED VOL. 1 (press release)

For all Madame X fans, a nice reference book with photos about the album and the eponymous tour is available from today.

Madame X has been described by both critics and fans as one of Madonna’s best-ever creative albums and tours. In this first instalment of a 2-part book series we explore the cultural diversity of music styles, the artists and the places of the city of Lisbon that greatly inspired Madonna to create Madame X. It begins from when Madonna made Lisbon her home in 2017 and the book becomes a tourist itinerary of Lisbon’s locations and the melting-pot of music styles from which Madame X was born. The Madame X Tour that followed in 2019 to early 2020 was truly compelling and unique.

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Immaterial girl: what are Madonna’s nude NFTs actually about?

Beeple has teamed up with the Queen of Pop to create a trio of explicit videos based on a 3D scan of her genitals – here, we go beyond the outrage in search of a deeper meaning

What happens when you mix the Queen of Pop and a controversial artist whose daily sketches heralded today’s crypto art goldrush? It’s a question we’ve all asked ourselves at one point or another… right? Well, whether you like it or not, this week we got an answer, when Madonna and Beeple (real name Mike Winkelmann) unexpectedly unveiled a collaborative series of NFTs, and the internet recoiled in horror.

Titled “Mother of Creation”, the series includes three digital artworks, each depicting a fully-nude, eerily-smooth Madonna in the middle of giving birth to various non-human organisms. In Mother of Evolution, a swarm of orange butterflies pours out of her vagina against a post-apocalyptic landscape. In Mother of Technology, it’s blood-covered robot centipedes in a lush forest. In Mother of Nature, the musician’s dead-eyed avatar gazes around a cold laboratory, as a vibrant tree grows from inside her.

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Deep Dive: Madonna, CRAZY FOR YOU

While making the high school coming-of-age movie Vision Quest back in the mid-1980s, producers Jon Peters and Peter Gruber tapped songwriters Jon Lind and John Bettis to write a song for it. After Madonna won over musical director Phil Ramone, she was pegged to record the song. The songwriters were skeptical.

“We were noodling around and ‘Crazy for You’ was something that Jon was singing over that section of the song. It was really descriptive of the scene in the film,” Bettis said in The Billboard Book of #1 Hits. “After that, I was out on vacation out in the desert and [Warner Bros exec Joel Sill] called and said Phil Ramone was in love with the song and wanted to cut it on Madonna. [Laughing] ‘Borderline’ was out at that time and I said, ‘Excuse me? This is for Madonna? Really? Can she sing a song like this?’ Jon and I were surprised at the choice of artist at the time, if you want to know the truth.”

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Madonna and Beeple Collaborate on NFT Project

Has Madonna embraced the blockchain?

The pop superstar’s interest in NFTs, or nonfungible tokens, caught some fans off guard in March, when she paid 180 ether, a digital currency worth $560,000 at the time, for an NFT of a tattooed ape from the Bored Ape Yacht Club, a collection of digital art.

On Monday, the singer released her own NFT series, titled “Mother of Creation” — three digitally rendered videos that recast her as a nude woman giving birth to flora, fauna and technology. The artworks are the result of a yearlong collaboration with Mike Winkelmann, the digital artist known as Beeple.

“This is such an absolute, insane honor,” said Winkelmann, who is known for selling an NFT in 2021 for $69 million at Christie’s. “I don’t do many collaborations. This is probably the only one I will do for a very long time.”

From Wednesday through Friday, Madonna and Beeple’s NFTs will be auctioned for charity through the online marketplace SuperRare.

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“Finally Enough Love” exclusive info on different editions

Here is some more exclusive information on all the different (and upcoming) versions of Madonna’s “Finally Enough Love”

The red, clear and silver versions of the LPS will all be the same worldwide. Walmart and Target in the US have their own stickers that they use on any exclusive product. There will be a few more versions of the black vinyl with other items, which will be announced soon.


Digital Album

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