Forget the literary smut of today, back in the 90s no one was doing sexy books quite like Madonna. Granted, it was only one and it was meant for our coffee tables, however the release of Sex had plenty of people clutching their pearls and nearly fainting out of protest. Needless to say it was provocative.

Hitting the stands just as the musician dropped her Erotica album in 1992, Sex featured photography from Steven Meisel and Fabien Baron that depicted, among many things, a naked Madonna dressed as her dominatrix alter-ego Dita. The book was daring with its inclusion of kink, and especially queerness at a critical time in LGBTIQA+ history. Naomi Campbell had a cameo, as did Madonna’s then-boyfriend Vanilla Ice, and it was shot across various locations including a motorway in Miami and the fabled Chelsea Hotel. Basically, you know it was good because the Vatican deemed it “morally intolerable”.