You’re listening to Madonna’s ‘The Immaculate Collection’ album released on Warner Bros. in 1990.
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0:00:00 Holiday (Atmos Mix)
0:04:05 Lucky Star (Atmos Mix)
0:11:20 Borderline (Atmos Mix)
0:16:37 Like A Virgin (Atmos Mix)
0:19:48 Material Girl (Atmos Mix)
0:23:41 Crazy For You (Atmos Mix)
0:27:26 Into The Groove (Atmos Mix)
0:31:35 Live To Tell (Atmos Mix)
0:36:53 Papa Don’t Preach (Atmos Mix)
0:41:02 Open Your Heart (Atmos Mix)
0:44:53 La Isla Bonita (Atmos Mix)
0:48:40 Like A Prayer (Atmos Mix)
0:54:31 Express Yourself (Atmos Mix)
0:58:35 Cherish (Atmos Mix)
1:02:27 Vogue (Atmos Mix)
1:07:44 Justify My Love (Atmos Mix)
1:12:44 Rescue Me (Atmos Mix)