If you know what to look for, you can find almost anything in the personal ads…including the love of your life! Rosanna Arquette (Pulp Fiction) is irresistible and, in her first starring role, pop star Madonna (Evita) gives a marvellously comic performance in this delightfully mad-cap comedy about mistaken identity.

Bored New Jersey housewife Roberta (Arquette) fills her days by reading the personal ads and following an ongoing romance between “Jim” (Robert Joy) and “Susan” (Madonna), a mysterious drifter who appears to lead the kind of free-spirited life about which Roberta can only dream.

And dream she does, until the day she actually shows up at the couple’s pre-arrange rendezvous in New York City…and after a bump on the head, a bout of amnesia turns Roberta into Susan and opens the door to intrigue, laughter and love!

Product Features

  • Brand new interviews with director susan seidelman, producer sarah pillsbury & author of “Madonna: like an icon” lucy o’brien.
  • Postcards, booklet & poster
  • Bespoke cover art.