Wherever Madonna goes, the party follows.

The superstar has been a steadfast supporter of her LGBTQ+ fans throughout her almost four-decade career, and embracing the community was at the core of her pre-Pride celebration at Terminal 5 in New York City last week. Madonna enlisted the likes of Saucy Santana and Dominican rapper Tokischa for a wild event that also marked the abridged release of the singer’s upcoming remix album, Finally Enough Love: 50 Number Ones.

“The LGBTQ+ community has always been hugely supportive of me since day one when I first moved to New York City as a dancer before I started my singing career,” Madonna exclusively tells BAZAAR.com. “Then after I became a singer, the queer community always came out for me, supported me, and they did not judge me—they celebrated me! And they have never been afraid of the fact that I’m a strong, independent female. They showed up for me, and I will always show up for them!”

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