Madonna has once again infiltrated the pop culturesphere. The 64-year-old singer announced her 12th world tour — a spin across 40 cities and through four decades of hits entitled “Celebration” — via a five-minute black and white video that shows her hosting a dinner party with an assortment of famous friends that was as attention-demanding as you might expect.

She is resplendent in Heidi braids and Jocelyn Wildenstein face, body winched into a corset, shorts, fishnets and zip-up jacket as she and Jack Black, Lil Wayne, Judd Apatow and Amy Schumer, among other guests, play “Truth or Dare” (get it?), mime “Sex” (get it?), sing along to “La Isla Bonita,” and otherwise offer a brief referential whirl through onetime shocking Madonna moments before the big reveal.

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