Madonna has reclaimed her title as an ‘icon’ and has sparked outrage for her new photo shoot for Vanity Fair – dressed as Virgin Mary and recreating The Last Supper.

Vanity Fair’s new ‘Icon’ issue portrays the 64-year-old singer as Virgin Mary, wearing a heart, pierced with swords. “Icon. Pioneer. Diva. Pop star. The first “Icon Issue” of Vanity Fair, an issue that will celebrate each year a great icon of contemporary culture, could only be dedicated to her: Madonna,” tweeted Vanity Fair.

In the photo project created by Luigi and Lango, Madonna is also portrayed as Jesus, with 12 women disciples in a recreation of ‘The Last Supper’.

“The idea came from Luigi & Iango and I thought it was a very interesting point of view. We breathe an all-feminine energy into a universe traditionally represented as exclusively male,” Madonna told Vanity Fair.

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