Madonna is the queen of reinventing herself — but that doesn’t mean she wants to leave her old classics behind.

On Thursday, the music icon, 63, released “Frozen on Fire,” a remix of her 1998 hit “Frozen,” with the artist Sickick. The remix  which features fresh vocals from Madonna and verses sung by Sickick  is the fourth iteration of “Frozen” to be made since the DJ first reinvented the song in 2021.

“I think what’s special about this version is that Sickick is singing on it,” Madonna tells PEOPLE. “I didn’t actually think of him as a singer or a musician or a songwriter or anything. I thought of him as a DJ. So, when it was presented to me that he wanted to do his version, I was kind of skeptical at first. But then when I heard it, I was blown away by his musicianship, by his sense of musicality, by his melody, his singing, everything.”

“When I ended up going in the studio with him and recording with him, I thought, ‘This makes perfect sense to end with him because he started it, the remix,'” she continues. “He has a fantastic voice. When I first heard it, I thought it was The Weeknd.”

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