To celebrate “Burning Up” turning 40, check out this early review of the single from a (unknown) German magazine. This has been added to The First Album page.


“Madonna is a girl from Detroit who prefers to hang around in the New York rap/break/disco scene, her “Everybody” was one of my most played singles last year. Burning Up doesn’t quite have the same instant effect, it also reminds a little too clearly of the digital downtown disco with which Bobby O(rlando) is currently making a fortune. It’s amazing that James Mtume of all people is behind it, the same Mtume who has now presented his first solo maxi without his longtime shadow Reggie Lucas “Juicy Fruit” (Epic) a slow, intensive song that really breaks out in a great refrain. By the way, if you’re having trouble finding the maxis, it’s best to check out Disco-Pool”

“Burning Up” review, 1983 (Germany)