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Madonna covers 1,000th Issue of Hot Press magazine (pre-order now)

Hot Press: The 1,000th Issue.    It’s a big one….  –––––––––––––––––––––––– The 1,000th Issue of Hot Press hits the streets on October 17 – and it’s gonna be a big one. Hot Press started out in 1977 with the avowed intent of making Ireland safe for rock ’n’ roll. Since then the country has been transformed…


Madonna’s Hollywood single discography online – 31 different pressings

Next up is the discography to the second single taken from Madonna’s American Life album ‘Hollywood’.  Madonna performed the track on an extensive promotional tour, European performances included: Absolut Madonna (Germany), Jonathan Ross (U.K.), CD:UK (U.K.), TOTP (U.K.), La Chanson Nr.1 (France). Madonna has yet to perform it live during a (world) tour. A remix…