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Laura Linney Reacts To Madonna Spoiling The New Season Of ‘Ozark’: ‘I’m Just Happy She Watches’

“Ozark” has a fan in Madonna.

This week, Laura Linney appeared on SiriusXM’s “Andy Cohen Live” and is asked about Madonna spoiling a detail about her “Ozark” character before the new season premiered.

“You know, unfortunately it’s the world we’re in,” the actress said, adding, “You know, I’m just, I’m happy she watches it. How nice.”

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Madonna on Instagram Live recap!

Madonna went on Instagram live last night, here’s a short recap:

  • Madonna talks about drawing, not being a good drawer herself
  • When asked about whether she has kissed Michael Jackson or not, Madonna simply responds by demanding the next question!
  • That not every re-invention was thoroughly thought through as people assume
  • Madonna is mixed about whether to turn her ‘Visual Autobiography’ into a long movie or series. Madonna prefers movies and doesn’t understand people not having patience to watch a long movie, but are willing to keep pressing PLAY to binge-watch series
  • Madonna was thinking possible titles for the film during the Christmas Holidays
  • She mentions ‘What It Feels Like For A Girl’ and various titles are being suggested by fans too, a few examples: Blond Ambition, Nobody Knows Me, Who’s That Girl, My Name Is Madonna and Live To Tell
  • She feels like she’s been living in the past because of the writing process, which is weird to her
  • Madonna has been sleeping very well lately and hasn’t sent out any early morning texts
  • She loves the perfume ‘Better Than Sex’ 
  • Another suggested title ‘Lucky Star’ doesn’t get Madonna’s approval as the film is ‘not about luck’
  • Madonna wants to make new music as film making takes so long 
  • She’s currently working on some stuff with some people but it’s a secret, besides the already mentioned Remix Project
  • Sean Penn will most certainly be talked about in the film
  • Madonna slept with a handful of women in response to a fan’s question
  • Complains about the downside of working from home that people keep on walking into the room/office
  • Madonna confirms she definitely will tour again, a stadium tour
  • Jokes around about performing with Britney and re-enacting their original act

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Like a Prayer Pepsi 1989 Promo Campaign

On this day in 1989 Pepsi announced they had signed a $5 million deal with Madonna. She would be starring in a series of TV commercials and Pepsi would sponsor her upcoming “Like a Prayer World Tour.” 

WEA Records in Holland sent out a three-page press release announcing the deal and upcoming news related to the new album “Like a Prayer.” A massive campaign followed in the month of February and various adverts were published in magazines and newspapers. There was even a promotional press pack including a poster and empty CD case announcing the campaign for retailers. 

We have managed to collect a lot of these press articles and withdrawn promotional articles. Check out the new ‘Pepsi Campaign’ section in our “Like a Prayer” page HERE

Madonna Pepsi Promo Pack (Holland)

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Sticky & Sweet Tour Amsterdam 2008 photo gallery

Madonna performed her Sticky & Sweet Tour in Amsterdam on September 2, 2008. It was definetely the best show so far, Madonna gave it her all tonight. She spoke to the crowd a lot and joked around. During the ‘request’ section she asked the audience to sing her Happy Birthday and was surprised when they did….in Dutch! She didn’t understand a word of it, but it amused her still.

She told the crowd in Amsterdam they were the best so far on this tour and taking them on the road meant having no need for back-up singers anymore. The audience was on their feet steadily from “La Isla Bonita” until the very end. “Give It 2 Me” had just spent six weeks at the top spot in the official Dutch Top 40 charts, so it was a huge hit with the audience. Right opposite of the ArenA the Heineken Music Hall was transformed into Club Candy and organized by our beloved FAME Megastore in Amsterdam. Fans that still wanted to party found the right place to be as the incredible Ben Liebrand was spinning the greatest remixes. 

We have updated our photo gallery with a total of 100 photographs of the event in Amsterdam. Some photographs are brand new and haven’t been posted before. There are images from five different camera’s.


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Inside Madonna’s Global Real Estate Portfolio

It’s been over 30 years since Madonna released her hit “Material Girl,” and the singer now has the real estate portfolio to prove her claims. Over the past few decades, the Queen of Pop has accumulated an impressive collection of homes located in London, Beverly Hills, New York City, Lisbon, and more. The singer makes each city she lives in a new hub for her many projects. For instance, the historic 18th-century Moorish mansion in Portugal that she purchased in 2017 became the location for her daily dispatches during the pandemic. Most recently, she bought a Hidden Hills estate from The Weeknd—likely a sign of her return to Hollywood in time to release new music in 2022. Below, we’ve rounded up some of the singer’s other famous dwellings.

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“Like a Prayer” Vinyl Test Pressing and Promo Vinyls (and so much more)

Huge “Like a Prayer” memorabilia update!

  • “Like a Prayer” Promotional LP with bio (USA
  • “Like a Prayer” Promotional LP with bio (UK)
  • “Like a Prayer” collector cards (Verkerke / Holland)
  • “Like a Prayer” promo box set (UK)
  • “Like a Prayer” promotional displays 
  • “Like a Prayer” White Label Vinyl Test Pressing with Info Sheet from Warner Bros Records. Run-out groove: 1-25844-INTL-SET1-DMM MASTERDISK ISRAEL 24042-X 2-4 (pictured)

Check it all out HERE

Warner Bros White Label Vinyl Test Pressing with Printed Info Sheet (USA)

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