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The Top 20 Most Expensive Music Videos Worldwide 2018

As of January 2018, “Scream” by Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson is the most expensive music videos worldwide, based on production costs. Of all the expensive music videos made over time, Michael Jackson’s Scream cost $7 million to produce. This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, most of the top 20 are created by…


Full-frontal male nudity lures Madonna into off-Broadway show

Pop diva Madonna was spotted Saturday in the audience at New York Theatre Workshop’s provocative show “Slave Play.” A spy quipped, “If you’re wondering what it takes to get Madonna to go to an off-Broadway show, apparently full-frontal male nudity doesn’t hurt?” One review of the show called it “very R-rated.” We hear the Material Girl brought…


One Song: Madonna’s ‘What It Feels Like For A Girl’

I wanna talk about Madonna’s elegiac “What It Feels Like For A Girl.” At this post-Brett Kavanaugh juncture in American life, I think it’s a fine time to appreciate it. “What It Feels Like For A Girl” was the low-key, musically understated third single from Madonna’s Music album.   Released in 2000, Music followed 1998’s ambitious, resplendent Ray Of Light. For Ray Of…