Very little has been consistent in the life of the chronically self-reinventing Queen of Pop, but one thing she will do almost without fail is turn out a number one hit.

While Madonna’s outsized influence on the landscape of pop music is inescapable, she has had no less powerful a presence in dance and house music.

Given how much she owes to a genre and culture that she has done so much to shape in turn, it should be no surprise that she has chosen to celebrate her career through the artists who have remixed and reinterpreted her iconic catalog through the years.

Arriving the week of her 64th birthday, Finally Enough Love: 50 Number Ones (★★★☆☆) commemorates her 50th time at the top of the dance charts, making her the first and only artist to hit that milestone on any Billboard chart.

Presented as a curated selection of Madonna’s personal favorite remixes and remasters, the 50-track collection is the deluxe edition of a 16-track version that dropped back in June.

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