World of Women NFT dropped a big surprise for its holders! The WoW NFT project announced that iconic singer Madonna will be performing at their NYC Party on June 23 in celebration of pride month.

World Of Women NFT Revealed Madonna to Perform in NYC Party

WoW prides itself as an inclusive NFT community that values representation and equal opportunities for all. Its NYC party happening next week will be a celebration of everything the NFT project upholds. Additionally, the upcoming party only gets better when they announced the Queen of Pop will be there to perform.

Through Twitter, WoW posted: “The moment we’ve all been waiting for… On June 23rd, joining us on the dance floor will be none other than @Madonna herself! Get ready to get into the groove, express yourself, and vogue the night away!”

Lastly, World of Women NFT said the party is free admission for WoW and WoWG holders.