New spectacular venue in Utrecht: Werkspoorkathedraal Utrecht

In this immense industrial workcentre ARC organises a new fair on Sunday 5 June 2022.

This new Record & CD Fair will take place on Sunday June 5, 2022 in the Werkspoorkathedraal te Utrecht. An international fair in a magnificent industrial location with more than 100 stands and exhibitors from the Netherlands and abroad, guaranteeing the widest choice of pop merchandising and an unprecedented number of vinyl records, CDs and DVDs. The fair will be held from 10 am to 5 pm in the ’Apparatenhal’ of the Werkspoorkathedraal in Utrecht.

Buy your ticket in the online presale and save time and money by not having to stand in line for the cash desk. A ticket in the online presale costs € 9,- incl. service costs, if you buy a ticket at the cash desk you pay € 10,-. Children up to and including 12 years of age have free access.

In this former factory hall which has been transformed into a facilitated event location, a new Record & CD Fair will be organised. Located directly on the Amsterdam-Rijn Canal, the Werkspoor Cathedral, formerly known as the ’Apparatenhal’, is one of the historic factory buildings of the ’Koninklijke Nederlandsche Fabriek van Werktuigen en Spoorwegmaterieel’ – known as ’Werkspoor’ for short.

Parking is still for free in the vicinity of Werkspoorkathedraal, but there are only a limited number of parking spaces available. For this reason we have also hired a car park with traffic stewards. Only visitors who have bought a ticket in advance including parking (€ 13,-) have access to this parking and are thus guaranteed a parking space near the location.

The punks from Utrecht are back!
Excelsior Recordings presents under sublabel RE the re-pressing of the Utreg Punx compilation, which appears on vinyl with footnotes and photographic time-stamps.

On May 11, 1977 the Ramones and Talking Heads played in the Rasa in Utrecht. Utrecht would never be the same again. In the audience: Rob and Erik de Jong from Zuilen. They were already punk then and were in a band; Blitzkrieg, according to several historians the first punk band in the Netherlands. (According to some others, Ivy Green from Hazerswoude-Dorp was). Blitzkrieg became the Duds in 19977 and, in retrospect, were the harbingers of a punk wave that literally shook the city of the Dom.

Special guest from Indonesia
Andhika Gautama aka Westside MuzeeQ from Bali, Indonesia is an avid music collector since the tender age of 8 years old. He is currently a resident vinyl DJ at many top venues on the Island of Bali, Indonesia. He will perform specially for us at the fair.

Andhika: ’I will play an all Vinyl Set consisting of 60’s & 70’s Indonesian Psychedelic Funk, Soul & Disco. The records I play are all out of Print materials and hasn’t been repressed on any other formats other than the original pressing. Currently Indonesia Music is mainly recognize in it’s gamelan and traditional music. But my 60’s & 70’s Psychedelic rarities has been an eye opener to many’. See Bali Vinyl Movement and Westside MuzeeQ playlist at youtube.

PINK FLOYD: Two special editions
The collaboration of an English researcher and an American composer, Pink Floyd – BBC Radio 1967-1971 combines the authors’ extensive research into the details of each session with a thoughtful analysis of its contents. Every chapter contains new additions to the historical record and sheds fresh light upon the band’s creative process, which combined rigorous structure with spontaneous expression – and astonishing bursts of inspiration with unabashed recycling of existing work. Pink Floyd – BBC Radio 1967-1971 covers its subject in unprecedented depth, while telling a story of triumph and loss, interspersed with wit and pathos. If you are keen to explore the early history of Pink Floyd, this is undoubtedly a book for you.

PINK FLOYD IN DE GOFFERT – Charles Beterams PINK FLOYD IN DE GOFFERT is the logical sequel to PINK FLOYD IN DE KUIP ’88. As if it was meant to be, Pink Floyd put up their tents in Nijmegen in the summer of 1989. The immense Goffertpark will be populated by no less than sixty thousand visitors on Monday 10 July. Never before had Pink Floyd played to as many people in the Netherlands as on that night. It is above all the warm memories and unique, mostly never-before-used footage of these concerts that make PINK FLOYD IN THE GOFFERT a timeless document.

See: Ian Priston, co-author of Pink Floyd BBC Radio 1967-1971, talks about a reel containing the band’s performance at the Paris Theatre in London on 30 September 1971 recorded by a home recording and hi-fi enthusiast called Roy.

The Art of DJ-ING
For those interested and enthusiasts, a ’Vinylized’ stage will be set up at the fair to showcase the ’Art of DJ-ing’. Expect creative sets with different genres: Jazz, Reggae, Hiphop, R&B, Soul, Funk, Boogie and Disco. Here, the music is presented in a ’modern’ and ’old-fashioned’ way. Our country’s top ’turntablism’ will be present. They use the turntable as a musical instrument and show the technical side of the art. See the special promo of Vinylized at Youtube.

Did you know?
The Werkspoorkwartier is the area between the Cartesiusweg and the Amsterdam Rijnkanaal in Utrecht. Many factories used to be located in this area. In the last century until the 1970s train wagons were produced here. The Werkspoorkathedraal is one of the few remaining halls from the Werkspoor era. The Werkspoorkwartier is now being developed into a ’creative, circular manufacturing area’.

Out with the whole family
Children are more than welcome at our fairs. How much fun is it to search through the vinyl bins with your son or daughter? Are they still too young? Then Kidzcity may be an alternative. On Whit Sunday, KidZcity is open from 10 am to 5 pm. After the fair you can enjoy a drink or a bite to eat with the whole family on the attractive terrace on the waterfront.

Café De Leckere
Café De Leckere is the new tasting pub of Utrecht brewery De Leckere. You probably know the beers of De Leckere. Now there is also a wonderful place next to Werkspoorkathedraal to taste these organic beers. And not only that, also for a pure lunch or dinner you are welcome. Everything is also 100% organic. Café De Leckere is a short walk from the exhibition floor.

Werkspoorkathedraal is easy to reach by public transport. The fastest way to reach Werkspoorkathedraal is to take the Sprinter and get off at Utrecht Zuilen station. The Sprinter from Utrecht Central Station takes 3 minutes to Utrecht Zuilen. From this station, it is an 8-minute walk to Tractieweg 41.

Arriving by car
Parking is still free in the vicinity of Werkspoorkathedraal but there are only a limited number of parking spaces available. For this reason we have hired a car park with traffic wardens. Only visitors who have bought a ticket in advance including parking (14,- incl. service costs) have access to this area and are thus assured of a parking space near the location. If you come by car and want the guarantee of a parking space at the door, we advise you to buy a parking ticket online in advance.

The fair will be held from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. in the ’Apparatenhal’ of the Werkspoor Cathedral in Utrecht.

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