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These Blockbuster Records Are Turning 40 In 2024

Madonna’s 1983 self-titled debut album ushered the singer’s arrival with the singles “Holiday,” “Borderline” and “Lucky Star.” But it was the follow-up, Like a Virgin, that blew the doors wide open and truly made her a superstar. Produced by Chic co-mastermind Nile Rodgers, Like a Virgin was a smash hit thanks to the controversial title song (which went…

3xNYX: The Madonna celebration

Get ready to Vogue and strike a pose because the Queen of Pop is gracing Amsterdam with her presence! So let’s celebrate Madonna’s unforgettable music career in style. This is sure to be a Like a Prayer come true!   Line-up 40 years of Madonna: Valentijn de Hingh Aiscream Roy Bieze