As we are still in the process of the transfer of all of our old features to the current website (and improving them) we can finally launch the following:

The Filmography is back online (see menu)!

However, since Madonna’s filmography is such an extensive feature on our website we will take things differently this time. We will update the filmography in chronological order every once in a while, this way each movie gets more attention and it won’t be so much to take in all at once.

In Madonna’s Filmography we have updated all the sections with press articles, rare memorabilia (all from our own collection), rare videos (if available), facts, press pictures and order links. The first three are ready for you to view which are:

  • The Egg – view the student film
  • A Certain Sacrifice – Madonna’s debut in a film, view rare press and memorabilia articles, see the trailer, read facts and order the DVD
  • FAME – view her audition

We are currently in the process of updating ‘Desperately Seeking Susan’, which will be only asap. Enjoy these three in the meantime.