A Certain Sacrifce

20-year-old Madonna plays Bruna, a postpunk drifter, who meets a refugee from the suburbs in Washington Square’s fountain. The two become lovers and ultimately avengers of their own love’s desecration. Sleazy Raymond Hall rapes Bruna in a coffee shop toilet but is hunted down and kidnapped by the lovers and Bruna’s former “family” of sex-slaves. In one of the massive, cathedral-like arches under the Brooklyn Bridge, Hall is executed in an eerie human sacrifice.


Filming: September 1979 – June 1981

Release Date: October 1985

Directed by: Stephen Jon Lewicki


Madonna as Bruna



  • Madonna responded to a classified ad by Lewicki in Backstage in August 1979, he was looking for a strong dominant woman
  • Madonna sent a handwritten three-page letter including snapshot to Lewicki trying for the part
  • The pay for Madonna was $100 by her demand as she needed rent money, Lewicki had her sign a release for it
  • Even though recorded in 1979, this film wasn’t officially released on video until 1985
  • Madonna tried to prevent the video from being released but failed
  • Film was shot on Super 8mm, the budget was $20.000
  • There was an official worldwide premiere at the Eight Street Playhouse on December 10 1985, attendance per invite by Lewicki only (see the memorabilia section)