Release Date: June 14, 2019
  • 1. Medellin (with Maluma)
    Madonna Ciccone, Mirwais Ahmadzai, Maluma Londono & Barrera
  • 2. Dark Ballet
    Madonna Ciccone & Mirwais Ahmadzai
  • 3. God Control
    Madonna Ciccone & Mirwais Ahmadzai
  • 4. Future (feat. Quavo) Madonna Ciccone, Thomas Pentz, Brittany Talia Hazzard & Quavious Keyate Marshall
  • 5. Batuka
    Madonna Ciccone, Banda & Mirwais Ahmadzai
  • 6. Killers Who Are Partying
    Madonna Ciccone & Mirwais Ahmadzai
  • 7. Crave (feat. Swae Lee) Madonna Ciccone, Khalif Malik Ibn Shaman Brown & Brittany Talia Hazzard
  • 8. Crazy
    Jason Evigan, Madonna Ciccone & Brittany Talia Hazzard
  • 9. Come Alive
    Jeff Bhasker, Madonna Ciccone & Brittany Talia Hazzard
  • 10. Extreme Occident Madonna Ciccone & Mirwais Ahmadzai (Deluxe only)
  • 11. Faz Gostoso (feat. Anitta)
    Carmo, Nuno, Oliveira, Seabra, Vieira, Rodrigues & Madonna Ciccone
  • 12. Bitch I’m Loca (with Maluma)
    Madonna Ciccone, L. D’Elia, Maluma Londono, Barrera, JAMES, Rodriguez & Stiven Rojas
  • 13. I Don’t Search I Find Madonna Ciccone & Mirwais Ahmadzai
  • 14. Looking For Mercy
    Madonna Ciccone & Brittany Talia Hazzard (Deluxe only)
  • 15. I Rise
    Jason Evigan, Madonna Ciccone & Brittany Talia Hazzard


  • 19. Funana (Bonus)
  • 20. Back That Up To The Beat (Bonus)
  • 21. Ciao Bella (Bonus)




  • ‘Medellin’ premiered worldwide on April 17 and was played on Apple Music’s Beats 1
  • Promo started with posters put up with MX logo on the streets of Paris and MTV adding a 2 day countdown on their social media
  • The lead single ‘Medellin’ with Maluma was announced by both Maluma and Madonna through Instagram on April 15
  • The title of the album Madame X was revealed by Madonna through Instagram on April 14
  • Madonna premiered a snippet of a new song presumably titled ‘Beautiful Game’ at the Met Gala ‘Heavenly Bodies’ on May 7 2018 in New York. 
  • Madonna walked the red carpet with Jean Paul Gaultier at the Met Gala. She performed a set later including ‘Like a Prayer’, ‘Beautiful Game’ and ‘Hallelujah’ (a cover)
  • Rumored collaborations include: Starrah, Billboard, Anitta and Cardi B.
  • Madonna confirmed through Instagram that she reunited with French producer Mirwais (Music, American Life) and hashtagged #magic a lot