CNN January 20, 2020

Madonna unfortunately had to cancel two shows during her Madame X Tour in Lisbon and we reported on the first cancellation along with pictures of the scene at the Coliseu dos Recreios. 

CNN picked this up from our Instagram page and used it on their website.

Libelle (magazine) – January 3 / 9

Dutch magazine Libelle contacted us quite a while ago wanting an interview about meeting Madonna for their ‘The Day After’ column.

I was interviewed about meeting Madonna in March 2015 at Le Grand Journal and how I felt ‘the day after’. The entire article has been written by the lady that performed the interview and not by me, even though it seems that way. The article describes the entire day seen through my eyes and the emotions about the experience one day later.

It has been published in Libelle edition nr.2 (January edition) and online (with photo) HERE.

Madonna and the Breakfast Club – March 2019

The incredible work and true labour of love by Guy Guido on Madonna’s pre-fame days, working with The Breakfast Club and later forming other bands such as Madonna & The Sky and Emmy. Leading up to its release we helped whenever needed and promoted the upcoming film starring Jamie Auld as Madonna. The end result is absolutely fantastic.

Not only do you get to hear from people such as Gary Burke and Dan and Ed Gilroy what it was like working and living with Madonna. You’ll hear never before heard tunes she recorded with them. It’s a fascinating watch and Jamie Auld portrays Madonna in a phenomenal way. Order your copy HERE. Kimberly was thanked in the credits.

Lourdes for Jean Paul Gaultier – April 2019

Lourdes posed for a Jean Paul Gaultier campaign back in April of which we shared an image, which was then shared by various websites such as a site from Ukraine and French Le Figaro

Omroep Flevoland – April 18 2019

Local radio Omroep Flevoland got in touch with Kimberly as they still had her phone number from previous audio chat on M’s 60th birthday. They played Madonna’s brand new single ‘Medellin’ and asked for her reaction on it. To listen to the full interview click HERE

Metro – September 11 2019 (NL)

Madonna’s phone ban at the Madame X Tour was widely discussed and Dutch Metro even dedicated an article to it. They included messages and quotes fans had left on our Facebook page.

Lourdes performs ‘nude’ orgy at Art Basel in Miami – December 2019

Madonna’s first born Lourdes was part of a stimulated ‘nude’ orgy at Art Basel in Miami for the Love Different 2020 performance.

We published a shot of the performance on our Instagram and this was shared by Free Press Journal

Viktor&Rolf Fashion Artists 25 Years – May 2018

Third time’s a charm! By invite we attended the press day and official opening (on the next day) of the incredible haute couture exhibition of Viktor&Rolf in the Kunsthal in Rotterdam. This was again curated by the amazing Thierry-Maxime Loriot. For this exhibition Madonna had personally lend her Tears of a Clown costumes, both designed by Viktor&Rolf. To read and see more about this event click HERE

Our photo gallery and report were shared through various social media. Thank you Kunsthal and Thierry-Maxime Loriot for your everlasting support!

De Telegraaf – August 2018

Madonna’s 60th birthday was quite the event and we were contacted by various media asking for interviews. The first interview was done over the phone for Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf. The basic questions; why are you a fan? What do you like about her? You have a tattoo? You met her? How did you meet her? Can we send over a photographer? They wanted to do a repro of the signed meet & greet photo with some shots of Kimberly next to it. When the article was published unfortunately what was feared became reality, the article was filled with quotes Kimberly hadn’t said (ears and eyes of Madonna? In touch with management since 2012?) The exact same thing happened in De Telegraaf with the article for her 50th birthday. This.was.the.last.time.Telegraaf.sorry.not.sorry.

Gazet van Antwerpen – August 2018

Belgian newspaper Gazet van Antwerpen contacted us to ask for a phone interview. Spoke about meeting Madonna, becoming her fan, the tattoo and much more. The article was published on August 15 in het Gazet van Antwerpen, which was also available online.

Algemeen Dagblad – August 2015

Dutch newspaper Algemeen Dagblad asked if they could come over for a video item. On the day of driving to Antwerp to see Britney perform her Piece of Me show, the Algemeen Dagblad stepped into the Madonna room. Because almost everything was taped in one take the video came out positive and spontaneous as requested.

The questions asked were fun and there was no need to ‘act’. The next day a short piece was included in the actual newspaper with a link to the video item. The video item was then taken over by many local online newspapers. It was a fun video and thank you all for the lovely comments about it! To check it out click HERE

Radio Omroep Flevoland – August 2018

Through social media local radio Omroep Flevoland contacted Kimberly with a request for a video interview. Due to other M-commitments there was no time and we agreed on a phone interview instead. 

On the early morning of Madonna’s birthday Omroep Flevoland made their phone call and asked questions on being a Madonna fan, how to celebrate this day and which Madonna song to play. To listen to the interview click HERE

RTL Nieuws – August 2018

RTL Nieuws got in touch after seeing the item in De Telegraaf and wanted to do a video item for TV. Thursday morning they entered the Madonna room too and filmed various items. After showing some of it on their request (such as the promo Music pink cowboy hat and refusing to put it on) they sat down for an interview.

The RTL Nieuws item was shown on RTL4 at the 23.30 news segment, an entirely different version with other images was available to see online HERE.

Radio Nostalgie – August 2018

Belgian radio contacted Kimberly after reading the segment in the Gazet van Antwerpen. The interview was recorded in the afternoon and aired just a while later. The fun interview wasn’t edited when aired they only changed the requested song to ‘Hung Up’. To listen to the interview click HERE

Talkshow “M” NPO – August 2018

Through Facebook Kimberly was approached by the people behind the daily television talkshow “M”. They were going to dedicate their Thursday show to Madonna’s 60th birthday and therefore wanted fans in the audience. They were also possibly going to ask the fans some questions. Aretha Franklin passed away just before the show was going live, so they agreed to mix up the entire show. The Madonna segment was now reduced to just 15 minutes and only near the end. Because of the changes there was no time for questions, but they did keep the ‘quiz’ in it. Watch the Madonna segment HERE.


Rebel Heart release party – March 2015

The next official release party was for Madonna’s second album with Interscope/Universal Music ‘Rebel Heart’. FAME was still located in the Magna Plaza so therefore we set up the area with posters and stuff. Upon purchasing the album every fan was given a free poster and exclusive ‘Living For Love’ official promotional DVD. This promo DVD was exclusively pressed by Universal Music NL for the release party, only 200 copies made (beware of fakes!)

After the purchase fans got a first listen (well those that managed to avoid all the leaks) of the album.

Michelle Morgan ‘Madonna’ book – May 25

For the release of this book we teamed up with the publisher and author for interview and giveaway! 

Once upon receiving our reviewer’s copy we wrote a review that was later used by Amazon on its page to attract buyers. The book is a fantastic photographic journey through Madonna’s career. To read our interview with Michelle Morgan click HERE.

Madonnica Encyclopedia 20 – September 2015

Matthew Rettenmund’s follow up to the original 1995 release is a must-have for every Madonna fan. This book includes everything you need to know from A to Z. Matthew asked to use a photo of the German lifesize display of Desperately Seeking Susan in the book. A photo was provided and Kimberly was thanked in the credits.

Keith Haring The Political Line – September 2015

We attended this next fantastic exhibition at the Kunsthal in Rotterdam of the incredible works of legendary artist Keith Haring. We got a first look at the fantastic art and a full on info tour. Our report and photo gallery was retweeted by the Keith Haring Foundation.

Madonna’s Tattoos book – November 2015

Adi Bar the owner of the Madonna’s Tattoos Instagram was about to publish her very first book. Kimberly and Hans provided photographs of their Madonna tattoos along with an introduction on the background of them.

Rebel Heart Tour – December 2015

Hans was awarded another photo pass to professionally photograph the first three songs of the first Rebel Heart show in Amsterdam. 

The pictures were all published the next day.

Strike a Pose – May 2016

We were approached back in September 2015 asking if we could help with any material involving the Blond Ambition Tour dancers for a new film. After hearing what the movie was all about, we searched through our archives and sent through various Madonna footage during the Blond Ambition era. 

Leading up to the release of Strike a Pose we heavily promoted the fantastic documentary and had a few fantastic giveaways. After attending the taping of RTL Late Night with the dancers, we were also very privileged to attend the official premiere at EYE in Amsterdam. Together with the directors, dancers and other guests we watched the film and were so touched by it. Fantastic film! After the afterparty we met up with Carlton Wilborn and the directors a few days later at the screening together with Truth or Dare at Kriterion Amsterdam. Throughout the releae of Strike a Pose our video’s, photo galleries and reports were shared on various social media.

Peter Lindbergh A Different Vision On Fashion Photography – September 2016

Another fantastic exhibition at the Kunsthal in Rotterdam! Walking around with a press sticker on our outfit we were able to attend the official opening. Dirk was there to photograph the event. Thierry-Maxime Loriot curated this exhibition too and so it was the second time we met him (thanks for the invite!)

Peter Lindbergh along with supermodels were there to autograph the book and wander through the exhibition too. Cindy Crawford, Lara Stone, Milla Jovovich and many more were there to be photographed in all their glory.

Some amazing never before seen pictures of Madonna were part of the exhibition too as well as the original contact sheets! Our report and photo gallery were shared on various social media, thank you!

Rebel Heart Tour release party – September 2017

September marked the month that the Rebel Heart Tour was finally released on DVD and blu-ray, almost two years after the show played Amsterdam. FAME had moved to a different location in the basement of the Media Markt in Amsterdam. Different staff, different store and a very pregnant belly (of yours truly). The idea for this release party was discussed long before it happened with Universal Music and FAME. In the end it was probably the least succesful party to date, even though Universal did come up with fabulous free official t-shirts to give out! 

Maybe the interest just wasn’t there anymore (as it took so long for the film to be released) or was it that people were able to buy it online for much cheaper prices? Or did we all just grow too old for the release parties?


Q Magazine – January 2013 

Q magazine reached out to us asking for permission to use one of our pictures for an article on the ’10 greatest gigs of all time’. Madonna’s Blond Ambition Tour was one of the gigs and they were looking for a good audience shot of the show in London. They couldn’t seem to find it until they stumbled upon our Blond Ambition photo archive.

One of the pictures taken by Hans Schaft was their top choice. The article was published in January 2013.

Jean Paul Gaultier From The Sidewalk To The Catwalk – February 2013

Honoured for the invitation we attended the press event for the exhibition curated by Thierry-Maxime Loriot at the Kunsthal in Rotterdam. During the press conference Jean Paul Gaultier answered a few questions, including ours! Then the press got a very first look at the stunning exhibition that displayed some of Madonna’s infamous costumes from the Blond Ambition Tour, Confessions Tour, MDNA Tour all designed by the man himself. Also shown were original polaroids from the Blond Ambition fittings.

Later we met up with Jean Paul Gaultier outside where he agreed to take a photo and sign some posters. Our report and photo gallery were shared on various social media. Thank you Kunsthal Rotterdam!

MDNA Tour DVD / blu-ray release party – September 2013

Without doubt the most chaotic official release party to date. Leading up to the event we promoted the party and helped to organise it. In collaboration with Interscope France we made sure there were two incredibly gorgeous large canvas artworks for the giveaway. However on the day of the party we got told that the DVD’s and blu-rays hadn’t arrived at FAME. We had no choice but to cancel the party, even though many people had made plans and were already even on their way.

Short while later I received another e-mail stating that the MDNA Tour film HAD arrived after all, the party was back on. Stress, stress, stress. In the end Madonna fans found their way to the store and were able to purchase the film. The two gorgeous canvas artworks were given away to two very lucky fans.

Hard Candy Fitness Berlin – October 2013

We attended the official opening of Madonna’s Hard Candy Fitness in Berlin. With our press passes we stood leaning on the iron barriers for hours in the rain until Madonna finally arrived. Madonna greeted many fans and signed various items. She made a wish come true when she signed both of our arms at the event (full report HERE and HERE). She then walked over to the other photographers to have her picture taken. Right after Madonna entered the building Kimberly was interviewed for local radio.

The next day after getting the autograph tatooed we published our photo gallery and report. Hard Candy Fitness Berlin shared our photo gallery and report through their social media. 

NOVUM – January 2014

Dutch online media credited us as a source regarding Timor Steffens’ holiday with M & Co celebrating New Year’s Eve in 2013.

NPO VARA RADIO 2 – November 2014

For Like a Virgin’s 30th anniversary Kimberly was asked for an interview on November 12 2004 for live radio in the show ‘the lord awakes’. To listen to the full thing click video below



FAME’s farewell magazine – December 2011

After 20 years legendary music store FAME was to close its doors for good in January 2012. We were asked to participate in their farewell magazine due to our many collaborations. The paper was available to every customer for free.

FAME eventually did close its doors, but moved to a different location (Magna Plaza). A few years later they moved again to the Media Markt near the Central Station in Amsterdam. 

W.E. – 2011

One of our all time favorite collaborations was with Dutch FilmWorks, who distributed Madonna’s film W.E. From the very early rumors, news, press pictures, film posters, we were able to share everything leading up to its Dutch release. 

We attended an early screening of the film in Amsterdam and organised many competitions, gave away posters, cinema tickets and so much more! Dutch FilmWorks shared our report on attending the films’ screening at the BFI Festival in London in the presence of Madonna herself through their social media.

MDNA release party FAME Amsterdam – March 2012

MDNA was released in FAME Amsterdam on March 22, 2012. We went all out for the promotion and organisation of this party as we had just celebrated our own fifth anniversary as a fansite. The DJ of the evening was our very own team member Amon! Posters and our banner were placed throughout the party space in the new location in the Magna Plaza. Media was there to interview the various fans on Madonna’s new album and the upcoming MDNA Tour. A fabulous evening!

MDNA Tour Amsterdam – July 2012

Hans was again rewarded with a photo pass to photograph Madonna during her first MDNA show in Amsterdam alongside the press. 

This was the second time Hans was granted permission to professionally photograph Madonna’s live show. For the first three songs he and the other press gathered on a platform and took their best shots. 

The photographs were published the very next day.

Doe Maar Normaal – 2009

Dutch TV channel BNN asked us if we knew some Madonna fans that wanted to participate in a taping of ‘Doe Maar Normaal’ (Get Real).
 A panel including Dutch celebrities had to guess which artist we were a fan of, unfortunately they didn’t guess right and thought we were Michael Jackson fans (in the same league too). Watch video below.

De Rode Loper – 2009

Hans was featured in Belgian show De Rode Loper (The Red Carpet) as Werchter was a stop on the second leg of Sticky & Sweet. They asked him about his Madonna tattoo. Check out the video below. 

Celebration release party – September 2009 

Madonna’s new greatest hits album ‘Celebration’ was released and celebrated in FAME Amsterdam. We got together with Warner Music and FAME once again for the fourth official Madonna release party! FAME transformed into a giant party and cocktails were served! Holland once again hosted the world premiere of this release and every fan was given a free poster with a purchase.

Sticky & Sweet DVD release + Wax figure reveal Madame Tussauds FAME – 2010

The fifth official releaseparty in FAME was for the release of the Sticky & Sweet Tour DVD. Madame Tussauds took use of the opportunity to reveal their brand new (Sticky & Sweet inspired) Madonna wax figure at this event.

We arrived early in the afternoon to attend the press photo op. We posed with the (much better than previous) wax figure for the photographers and answered a few questions for TV. published this photo of us with the wax figure with a news feature.

Shortly hereafter various media aired segments including yours truly (view video below for example). The party was a huge success and everyone got to take a photo with Madonna and purchase their Sticky & Sweet DVD and blu-ray.

HET PAROOL – April 2008

The third official Madonna release party in FAME Amsterdam happened on April 24 2008. This date marked the worldwide premiere of Madonna’s new studio album Hard Candy. We helped to organise and promote this official release party in collaboration with Warner Music. Various Dutch media reported about the event leading up to the day. The day after the release party Dutch newspaper Het Parool published this article in its newspaper. 

NRJ Paris – May 2008

To Promote the release of Hard Candy Madonna performed a gig in Olympia in Paris on May 6 2008. We attended the gig and while queuing outside we were filmed and interviewed by the NRJ crew. 

Noordhollands Dagblad – May 2008

Noordhollands Dagblad contacted us asking our opinion on the supposed bad ticket sales for Madonna’s Sticky & Sweet Tour in Amsterdam. It was the first time it wasn’t an instant sell out since the Re-Invention Tour. Hans mentioned that most of the tickets had been sold and only the restricted view tickets were still available, that she just had a number one hit in Holland and therefore her popularity wasn’t declining. 

De Telegraaf – August 2008

Kimberly was approached by Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf in July 2008, they wanted to interview fans because of her 50th birthday.

Unfortunately the published article mixed up everything Kimberly had said, whatever sells your newspaper dude…

Wales online – August 2008

Attending the world premiere of the Sticky & Sweet tour in Cardiff we were interviewed by this local newspaper.

The article was published the next day in their online newspaper. We spoke about following Madonna on tour, our website, tattoos and things to do in Cardiff.

Man Bijt Hond – September 2008

Dutch TV show ‘Man bijt hond’ contacted us before the Sticky & Sweet tour kicked off as they wanted to do an item about us on tour. The piece aired on Dutch TV on September 29. They filmed us in the Thalys on our way back home after seeing the shows in Paris, then back at Kimberly’s house.




Confessions Tour DVD Release Party FAME – January 2007

The next official release party in FAME Amsterdam was for the release of The Confessions Tour DVD. We helped to organize and promote the event as we did previously with the album. 

We brought along banners and gave out free genuine pictures taken at the tour. Every visitor got to see the show on a large screen during a ‘pyjama party’. In bed with Madonna in 2007! The next day this article appeared in Dutch Het Parool newspaper.

Confessions Tour DVD – January 2007

Fortunate to have attended the shows that were filmed for the DVD release in London, we were curious to find out if we made the final edit. We did! For just a few seconds we were spotted at the start of ‘Get Together’ at the side of the catwalk. 

Noordhollands Dagblad – February 2007

Dutch newspaper Noordhollands Dagblad contacted us as they were doing an article on Madonna’s Live To Tell performance during the Confessions Tour. 

They wanted to use one of our pictures. When we received the newspaper we found out that the picture used wasn’t ours, but they credited us beneath it. They had mixed it all up they later admitted. 

Purmerend’s Gezinsblad – 2007

Dutch local newspaper Purmerend’s Gezinsblad interviewed Hans about his Madonna passion and the website.

Almere Vandaag – August 2007

Local newspaper ‘Almere Vandaag’ spoke to Kimberly about her Madonna passion. Being a fan, favorite item in collection and meeting Madonna in 2004.

Noord Hollands Dagblad – 2006

Noord Holland Dagblad contacted us as they wanted to interview us regarding our brand new website (MadonnaUnderground launched right before the Confessions Tour tickets went on sale). A photographer was sent and he took pics of us waiting in front of the postoffice to get tickets for Madonna’s Dutch shows. The interview took place just one week after and was published in a variety of Dutch (local) newspapers. 

Radio Purmerend – 2006

Radio Purmerend contacted Hans after spotting the article about the launch of this website. Hans explained what the website was all about, what makes it different from other sites and about his Madonna passion. They asked him if he was also studying kaballah and what his favorite Madonna song was.

De Telegraaf – August 2006

During The Confessions Tour we received a phone call from Dutch De Telegraaf newspaper asking our opinions regarding Dutch political party SGP’s objections regarding the ‘Live To Tell’ performance. De Telegraaf sent out a photographer to Hans’ store for an image to go with the article. 

Hannover Zeitung – August 2006

During the Confessions Tour in Hannover Germany Hans was photographed for the local newspaper because of his Madonna tattoo. The photo was published in the Hannover Zeitung the next day, along with a short interview talking about how many shows he would be attending. 

KRO Radio – August 2006

During our stay in Paris for the Confessions Tour we received a Phone call regarding Madonna’s H&M tracksuits which were available that day. Kimberly spoke to them as it was womens’ wear, will you wear them? What do you like about them? Do you feel more feminine when you wear it? ehm………

Donna De Lory in FAME – 2006

Donna De Lory performed a few solo gigs during The Confessions Tour, including Paris and Amsterdam. When FAME announced her event, we helped to promote it so that fans coming from overseas knew when and where it would take place. 

Donna performed a beautiful set and after sat down to sign her Sky is Open album for all those that were present.

Confessions Tour Amsterdam Photo Pass – 2006

While in Paris for The Confessions Tour news reached us that we had been granted permission to profesionally photograph the Confessions Tour in Amsterdam. Hans brought his pro camera and was given this pass. Along with the Dutch press Hans got to photograph the first three songs of the first show in Amsterdam. All the pictures are available in our photo gallery.

San Francisco magazine – 2006

Liza Heider had won ICON’s (Madonna’s official fanclub) contest and was allowed to photograph Madonna in Paris during The Confessions Tour, she also took pictures of our Madonna tattoos. Very surprised to find out they were included in San Francisco magazine!

Vassallucci – 2005

To celebrate the upcoming release of Madonna’s children’s book ‘Lotsa De Casha’ together with publisher Vassallucci we organised a giveaway. They supplied us with ten books for the giveaway and the competition was a huge success. 

BNN Radio – 2005

BNN Radio was looking for Dutch fans that had attended the Who’s That Girl Tour in Rotterdam in 1987. Hans had just finsihed typing his report on the tour so he sent this out to them. The very next day they got in touch and wanted to interview him about it. The interview took place at 6pm and it aired around 8pm. Hans shared his experience telling how incredible the sensation is of seeing Madonna live for the very first time. 

BNN Radio – 2005

On the day of the release of ‘Hung Up’ Kimberly was interviewed on Dutch radio. We discussed the new single, the latest gossip and much more. When Kimberly was asked if Madonna had become your typical housewife or that she was still sexy, the reply was simple: she’s always been a sex symbol and probably always will.

COADF World Premiere FAME – 2005

After attending a listening party of Mariah’s latest album, the vision of organizing such an event for Madonna became reality. Kimberly contacted Warner Music and music store FAME to discuss the idea. Both parties were on board, so the very first ever official Dutch release party happened in Amsterdam on November 10. It was also the world premiere of the album. The event ended up in the official press release and on various media. Hundreds of fans attended, danced to the album and had the times of their lives. 

Avro Radio – 2005

The day after Kimberly was contacted by AVRO Radio asking to report on the world premiere of the new album. Kimberly was still trying to open her eyes but managed to answer a few questions. The party had been hugely succesful and the album was a definite smash!

Pulse – 2005 

Peter van de Vorst (Dutch TV host) had been the lucky one to interview Madonna for Dutch TV show ‘Pulse’. Kimberly, Hans and a few other Madonna fans were invited to attend the taping (Peter traveled to London for the interview with M). Later Kimberly and Hans were approached to appear at the table to talk about Madonna. Peter was obviously very proud of his interview with Madonna even though the questions asked were subpar (how does it feel to be a middle aged woman? Will you show the SEX book to your kids?) we answered a few more ridiculous questons and watched the interview. Great experience and big up to M for putting up with it.

The Daily Record – 2005

Queuing for Madonna’s promo gig in KOKO London made it to the newspaper! Kimberly spent hours waiting for the historic gig along with many others. Various reporters came by for interviews. The next day a brief interview with Kimberly was published in the newspaper stating she came ‘all the way from Holland’

SBS6 Shownieuws – 2005 

While still in London Kimberly was notified people had seen her on Dutch TV show SBS6 Shownieuws. It appeared to be one of the interviews done while queuing for the promo gig in Koko. Kimberly simply stated that every little thing such as Madonna’s look and latest music were all ‘very very good’.

BNN Radio ‘That’s Live!’ –  2003

To promote Madonna’s new (AMAZING!!) album ‘American Life’ Kimberly was present in the radio studio of BNN on a Sunday afternoon. It was hosted by Eric Corton and Eddy Zoey, Eddy Zoey recently interviewed Madonna for television. It was a fun afternoon and audio clips of Eddy’s interview with Madonna were included. Eric Corton also spoke to Kimberly about being a fan as well as having a Madonna tattoo. Next to a tiny ad in De Telegraaf this was just about the only Dutch promotion there was for ‘American Life’.

Squeeze magazine – 2004

Madonna was about to visit Holland for the first time since 1990 for her Re-Invention Tour. To celebrate this fact, magazine Squeeze featured a large spread on her. The feature included a few Q&A’s with various fans including Hans. Why are you a fan? What is your favorite song? The usual.

I’m Going To Tell You A Secret – 2004

Caresse Henry forwarded Kimberly’s details to the crew working on Madonna’s new tour documentary. They first filmed her speaking about Madonna in front of Earl’s Court in London. Due to low budget they weren’t able to travel to Holland to film more, so they concluded filming in Lisbon. Eventually all the fan segments filmed for the documentary were not used. Kimberly still however spotted the back of her head in the documentary at the George V hotel, plus flashes here and there of a dwarf bouncing up and down in the pit during the live performances.

Gay & Night 2004

A Dutch gay magazine surprised us in 2004. We stumbled upon the magazine in the local shop, browsed through the pages to find the article. Seeing the two page spread we found our faces on page number 2. We remembered being photographed in Paris during the Re-Invention Tour, little did we know this was for a future magazine spread.

Hitkrant 1992

Madonna wasn’t given a lot of slack in 1992, so Kimberly wanted to defend her whenever possible. The Dutch pop magazine asked its readers on their opinion of Madonna, had she gone too far this time? Kimberly responded and it was printed in one of their issues. Kimberly was only 11 years of age so her saying that ‘M needs to do whatever she wants to do as long as she’s not naked on stage’ was a bit immature, but it was still standing up for her idol.

Hitkrant 1993

After a year of negative press with her SEX book (according to the media it was an outrage), ‘Body Of Evidence’ (flopped) and the Erotica album (another flop) Madonna announces she’s going on tour again and will start in London. Hitkrant published a review of her opening show in London and started with the sentence ‘Hitkrant attended and came back with the following report’. All they did with quote sentences from UK reviews that had been published in the UK newspapers! The UK press had been very negative and presented awful reviews. Hitkrant ended their so called review with ‘If you’ve seen Madonna’s other tours, there was nothing new to report’. This angered me and I wrote them a letter. They had the balls to publish my letter and basically agreeing with me.

Big Breakfast Club 1999

This show aired live on TV daily, one of their segments being about fans. Kimberly was featured as a Madonna fan. For the occasion to promote Madonna’s current ‘Nothing Really Matters’ single, the same look was used. 

It took an entire day to create a five minute item, repeating the same things over and over left little to nothing sounding spontaneous. Next to filming the Madonna collection, Kimberly was photographed in a studio and later put on a poster together with Madonna using Photoshop.

Not the best thing I ever did……

Hitkrant 1987

In a time without internet, we had to get our information from radio, TV or magazines. Hans phoned the Dutch pop magazine ‘Hitkrant’ like almost every hour for any possible tour info. Unfortunately Hitkrant couldn’t tell him when the possible ticket sale would start. After the official announcement and an instant sell-out, he sent flowers and a letter to Hitkrant with a thank you note for keeping up with his whining. This letter got published in their magazine two weeks later.

Noord Hollands Dagblad 1989

After lots of negative press in the media regarding the ‘Like A Prayer’ video (Pepsi who pulled out as a sponsor etc.), Hans was thinking of doing something positive for Madonna in the media. He was going to sit outside all night the night before the release of the new ‘Like A Prayer’ album, and try to get into the newspapers with this action. Well he did, but not exactly how he had planned it. Hans searched in the afternoon to see if he could find the new album, when he couldn’t he sat down and spent the night in front of the shop. The next day he found out that the new album had already been on sale since 4pm the day before.

Linda de Mol 1989

There was talk of tour stress in 1989 due to talk of a world tour but Hans couldn’t get any info from the record company. Veronica (Dutch) radio station announced that Madonna would come in the Summer. Hans wrote to Linda de Mol (Dutch celebrity) who hosted her own talkshow back then. Hans received a response from her within a week, she asked around regarding a Madonna tour but that she too didn’t get any info. The tour eventually happened in 1990.