After driving for seven hours straight and being pulled over once by the local police (checking to see if we were not carrying alcohol or cigarettes, we’re such criminals). It took us another extra 20 minutes before we reached our hotel in Berlin.

Upon arrival we found out the hotel was good, great reception, thankfully the room was ready for use

It was a bit of a maze finding our hotelroom, but once there we freshened up and quickly made our way to Hard Candy Fitness. Where the opening would take place in just a few hours with special guest none other than MADONNA (minor detail).

SAM_6257_resizeDrove a short distance and arrived, saw a few fans waiting outside. We parked our car and made our way to the entrance. There we met up with some people of Hard Candy Fitness. They told us to come back at 3 to pick up our guest passes. Suited us very well as we were absolutely starving!
I was starting to drift away due to needing food. At the Mac we ate a menu and felt better at once. Once we came back Kimmy and me were indeed given our guest pass and were let in early. The best spot is near the press tribune so that is where we’ll stand.

Stupid, but I forgot the umbrella in the car and there was a rainstorm coming. I managed to leave the area quickly to go and get it. Upon returning the people didn’t want to let me back in but thankfully Kimmy came to my rescue.

Now with umbrella, nothing can change our optimistic mood (we think) and we’re there at ease looking around witnessing the settin up of the event. Unfortunately our optimistic mood didn’t last long when the other fans were let inside the area. Chaos and stress! To complete the situation it started to pour. Gallons of water in my neck due to my neighbour and almost lost an eye thanks to the lady behind me. This isn’t improving my mood at all.

laminate 3kopieWhen I run into an argument with a man three rows behind me, telling me to drop my umbrella because he can’t see a thing. There is absolutely nothing happening and it is pouring!! I am not dropping my umbrella for no one!  Of course there is a delay in everything. M was planned to be there around 7, but Nicole only started her round at 7.15. And the rain just kept on falling.

The security in front of us was splashed with gallons of water at once point coming down from the ceiling, he was soaking wet! The press photographers were also shielding from the rain, worst scenario that M won’t turn up due to the heavy rain.


I decide to undress my right arm from the sleeve of my jacket so that when M walks by, it is ready to be signed (at least I hope), or will I let her sign my tourbook?

I am in doubt, what to do?

I decide on my arm, have wanted this for years and it is now or never.

Nicole comes over to us and I tell her that we came over especially from Holland, she thought that was awesome! People keep on pushing and shoving, we keep on fighting for our rightful spot, of course my mood has dropped below zero at this point.

IMG_3895_resizeWhen we see Liz Rosenberg walking by we knew that now it won’t be that long before she’s here. Kimmy tells me to turn so that my arm is on the right side for M to sign and that Kimmy can get her original spot back.

Screaming everywhere, but I can’t see a thing, and YES there she is! Quite quickly she comes over, does a little scribble here and there and then walks over to us. Guy sees me and directs M to me and says:

You need to sign his arm, He’s been waiting that long for it.

At that point everything relaxes in my head and I do not hear the screaming around me, only what M asks me.

How do you want it? I tell her that it doesn’t matter to me and to write it like how she feels is the best way. She takes my arm and writes her name. Guy tells the people around me to not move and stay steady. She really takes the time. I tell her she looks beautiful and she responds by saying Thank You.

4874988_origkopieThen the signature is there and she takes my marker and walks over to a girl in a wheelchair. I call out to Guy because of Kimmy, not knowing that Sara is already beside Kimmy. Guy looks and I point at Kimmy, Guy acknowledges and sees Kimmy.

When M wants to move on to the press, she is stopped by Guy and Sara and is brought back to Kimberly. She kinda protests for a second as in saying like ‘you should’ve said that sooner’ But Guy and Sara point to Kimmy that she needs her arm signed as well. I shoot some pictures so I can document this whole bizarre moment. Funny thing is that all of the press are all waiting on us.

M gives me my marker back and makes her way to the press.

Kimmy is in tears, my voice has risen a few octaves but I still manage to squeeze out a FUCK YEAH!! We are so happy! We did it! We are both completely in shock and really don’t know what to do at this point. Find a tattoo shop or stay and wait?

We decide to head back to our hotel, we instantly made some calls and post our news to Facebook. Our post was liked instantly by so many people.

We are so happy and feel unstoppable, feel like we drank 20 cans of energy drink. We are so happy that we forget to shut the door of our hotel room and literally everyone can share in our excitement.

Photographed our signatures in as many ways as possible, then decide to catch some sleep because we have an early day tomorrow and a visit to the tattoo shop planned.

The bed isn’t comfortable at all, pillow much too weak and I see every hour come and go


SAM_6351_resizeFriday October 18

When we awake I see that some of my signature has been wiping off onto the blanket, in the mirror I see that some of it has faded already. We quickly eat breakfast, get newspapers and drive back home.

Underway I make a phone call to the best tattoo shop in Holland, Tattoo Bianca (Bianca’s Tattoo Solution). She managed to pimp my other tattoo back in 2009 and told me that if we ever succeeded to get her signature on our arm, she would plan us in between appointments.  Usually she has a one year waiting list.

So that is what we did, she asks me how large the signature is, I tell her around 7 or 8 centimeters. She tell us to come as quickly as possible, I tell her we are still in Germany and might be there around 2.

Then a minor setback when we take a wrong exit and see quite a bit of the countryside of Hannover. Turning back won’t do any good, so we head on on the little country road on our way to Dortmund. This sets us back 30 minutes. I can tell you that we had quite a stress moment in the car.
Further the drive goes smoothly and we arrive around 1 at Tattoo Bianca. First we eat something and then we walk over to the shop.

IMG_1234_resize_resizeShe’s shocked when she sees the sig “you told me around 7 centimeters!!”, turns out it is much bigger than that.

She takes the marker that M used to write it with and does some skin tests. Kimmy gets to go first, after a mere 30 minutes she’s done. Then it is my turn, I had forgotten what it felt like. But before it you’re used to the feeling of the needle in your skin. Within 30 minutes the signature is etched in my skin forever and I am super proud!

Next stop is the pension where Kimmy’s dogs have been staying. I dropped off Kimmy and her dogs and drove on home to get ready for Peter’s birthday. Funny how it is his birthday but I was the one getting the biggest present. When I get home I fall down on the couch and say that these were the strangest 24 hours ever. But I am so terribly happy!

I would really like to thank Linn of Hard Candy Fitness, Sara and Guy (you are truly the greatest!) thanks for you help and of course my idol M for finally writing her name on my arm. She, that has driven me crazy (in a good way) for the past 30 years. As men says there is only one queen and that is Madonna B*TCH!