Yesterday we posted one of the first interviews Madonna every did when she visited The Netherlands back in January 1984, this was published in OOR magazine (Feb 11, 1984). In that same issue they reviewed Madonna’s debut album, see English translation below:

The Detroit-born dancer and singer Madonna wound up in the music business through the managers of the annoying French singer Patrick Hernandez, who scored an international discohit complete with cane with Born To Be Alive in ’79. These gentlemen took care of her singing lessons in Paris. After being in the New York new wave- and punkscene Madonna, being a fan of black music found herself in the New York dance-circuit, where also her physically attractive star started to rise after the release of the Mark Kamins-produced debut single Everybody.

This panting track is included on her debut record, which does not fail to impress. This is mainly thanks to the disciplined production of Reggie Lucas (known for his work with Phyllis Hyman and Stephanie Mills) who surrenders the record for only 1 song (Holiday) to John ‘Jellybean’ Benitez and surrounds his graceful protege with the cream of the crop of the New York scene. Fortunately the slightly ordinary and naughty Lady S.M. Madonna also makes a contribution herself, because she is responsible for five of the nine compositions.

These songs are carried to a large extent by her horny and provocative teenage girls’ voice and furthermore have equally smart and exciting instrumentations, in which the dry funk-bass licks and the well-groomed keyboard contributions stand out. Moreover, the whole draws an attractive trail through rhythm & blues, illustrating that Madonna is more than just an attractive dance puppet.

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