• Madonna’s debut LP ‘Madonna’ was released in the USA on July 27, 1983
  • In 1985 the album was re-issued in Europe and retitled ‘The First Album’ with different artwork
  • Madonna was signed to Sire Records by Seymour Stein, the president of the company while he was in the hospital
  • While first Ain’t No Big Deal was considered for a first single release (after listening to the demo tape), the track was later scrapped completely but later released as a B side to Papa Don’t Preach
  • Madonna’s first album was originally titled ‘Lucky Star’, a proof pressing was made (with completely different artwork), but later scrapped and artwork changed to the now famous black/white image. The album was now titled simply ‘Madonna’
  • The Dutch 7″ of Burning Up advertises Madonna’s album as titled ‘Lucky Star’ on the back of the sleeve. Some pressings from South Africa also still have the original title on the label
  • Madonna performed a few club dates to promote the record, in clubs such as Danceteria and Camden Palace (setlist usually included: Everybody, Burning Up, Physical Attraction, Holiday
  • Madonna performed at the legendary American Bandstand show and spoke the now infamous words ‘to rule the world’ after singing Holiday
  • Physical Attraction was released as a promo only single in the USA and Brazil
  • Madonna went on the road for an extensive promo tour where she performed in multiple European and American TV shows, in Europe it was mostly Holiday that was performed
  • She was photographed in Holland by Dutch photographer Kees Tabak, pictures that are still famous today
  • Madonna’s second LP ‘Like a Virgin’ was ready for release, however the first album was such a huge success, they had to delay the release of it
  • Madonna’s first ever magazine cover was for Island October 1983, shot by Curtis Knapp. She did appear with a smaller pic on the cover of Dance Music Report (November 1982)

Release date: July 27, 1983


1. “Lucky Star” Madonna Reggie Lucas 5:37
2. “Borderline” Lucas 5:18
3. “Burning Up” Madonna Lucas3:45
4. “I Know It” Madonna Lucas 3:47
5. “Holiday” Curtis Hudson Lisa Stevens John “Jellybean” Benitez 6:08
6. “Think of Me” Madonna Lucas 4:54
7. “Physical Attraction” Lucas Lucas 6:39
8. “Everybody” Madonna Mark Kamins 4:57



Burning Up


Lucky Star


The First Album