Madonna is keeping fans updated on her forthcoming screenplay with new photos on social media. According to reports, the project is music related and is based on Madonna herself with involvement from writer and producer Diablo Cody.

Madonna took to her Instagram to share a video of what she is currently working on. “This is how we grind…….. #screenplay #diablo #davidbanda,” she wrote in her caption on Instagram alongside a video of the writing process. In the video, Madonna tells Cody, “If we want to not freak out certain people or be more accessible… This is the precursor to ‘Wet Ass Pussy’ let’s face it,” referring to the new collaborative single by Megan Thee Stallion and Cardi B ‘WAP’.

Based on their discussions, the project will push the limit with certain controversies (it is Madonna after all) and will dive into darker territories. “Honestly, I’m sure anything we come up with is gonna be…” Cody says before Madonna adds, “I just remember the word the antichrist or the devil or… I don’t know.” She then adds, “The antichrist of pop music,” before giving out a villainous laugh. Cody is known for working on the supernatural horror-comedy ‘Jennifer’s Body’.

In the photos on her Instagram stories, Madonna is seen going through her writing material in her living room. In one pic, a photo of Madonna in her early career days is seen on the living room table in front of several dated notebooks.

On August 7, Madonna first revealed she is working on a screenplay with another Instagram post. In her caption, she wrote at the time, “When you’re stuck in a house with multiple injuries what do you do? Write a screenplay with Diablo Cody about…?” The pop star followed this statement with emojis signaling that the project could be music-related.
The video also showed Madonna and Cody working together, with Cody typing on a laptop and a table full of notebooks in front of them. Madonna also described to Cody her iconic Jean Paul Gaultier cone-bra costume from the 1990 ‘Blond Ambition’ tour, which also led fans to speculate that the two are writing a biopic on Madonna.

Cody won an Oscar for best original screenplay for ‘Juno’ in 2007 and has since written and produced other notable films including ‘Jennifer’s Body’ in 2009 (which is now considered a cult classic by critics), ‘Young Adult’ in 2011, ‘Ricki and the Flash’ in 2015 and her latest film ‘Tully’ in 2018.

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