How did Madonna get involved?

It was crazy. Dua and I are both enormous Madonna fans. The same thing with Missy Elliott. I think for both of us, that was the fantasy. We were like, “This is never going to happen.” I don’t think any of us really conceived that it was actually possible. It’s one of those things where you don’t get it unless you ask for it, but there’s always a level of being surprise when you do get what you’re asking for. To be able to make a record that not only had them on it, but frankly, which would be as comfortable in an underground club as it is on the radio, is incredible.

With Madonna, I was thinking of the record “Physical Attraction.” It evokes that period in her career. Then, of course, Missy is basically God. The first time you hear those Missy vocals come in your email, it’s like, “I can’t believe this is actually happening or that she’s talking to me.” She was just so nice. She was just so nice and so supportive, and really loved the remixed genuinely. That was crazy because at first, it had been made to exist without either of them.

It was originally just Dua and then Madonna hopped in and did the second verse. Later on, Missy added hers. I was like, “Oh, hold on, there’s something I think you’ll both like. I just made it.” Then they were like, “Yes.” That is, of course, shocking and terrifying.

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