With “Levitating,” I had to make the whole thing beginning to end as if Dua were the only person on it and then we sent that to Missy and Madonna and then they hopped on it. The second verse in “Levitating” and the backing vocals were replaced by Madonna, which she recorded separately in a studio; those were sent over through her engineer, who is a real hero of mine, Mike Dean. Madonna did different variations on stuff. At one point, it broke out into “Lucky Star” for a second which was crazy. Then Missy just dropped her whole verse and sent it over with the air horn included and it was like… it’s exactly as you expect. I ended up Frankenstein-ing these three versions together, then Madonna wanted Mike Dean to mix it all down. So I basically made it and then Mike mastered it and did the mix down on it. It was a great experience.

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