Madonna presents a passionate tale of the greatest love story of the Twentieth Centry.

Caught in a loveless Manhattan marriage, Wally (Abbie Cornish – Limitless) obsesses over Wallis Simpson (Andrea Riseborough – Brighton Rock), the stylish American divorcee who captures the heart of Edward VIII (James D’Arcy – Screwed). In order to marry the love of his life, Edward VIII had to abdicate the throne as King of England. As the Duchess of Windsor, Wallis spends the rest of her life in celebrity exile. Inspired by Wallis and Edward, Wally escapes into the arms of another man (Oscar Isaac – Drive), whose love sets her free.


  • September 1, 2011 (Venice)
  • Directed by Madonna
  • Drama / Romance
  • Madonna (screenplay)
  • Alek Keshishian (screenplay)


  • Abbie Cornish
  • Natalie Dormer
  • Andrea Riseborough
  • Oscar Isaac
  • James D’Arcy

Credits go out to Thinkjam/Studiocanal/Dutch FilmWorks for permission to publish the press stills

A special thank you to Dutch FilmWorks for such a fantastic collaboration and film release

  • W./E. was the second movie Madonna directed, Filth & Wisdom was her first
  • The screenplay was co-written by Alek Keshishian, who previously worked with Madonna on her Truth Or Dare documentary
  • Madonna won the ‘Best Original Song’ Golden Globe in 2012 for ‘Masterpiece’, surprising Elton John who was convinced she wouldn’t win
  • She had hoped to premiere the film at Cannes in 2011, but since she was still putting the finishing touches to it, it never happened
  • The film screened at the Venice Film Festival on September 1, 2011 with Madonna and cast attending
  • In London the film was part of the BFI Film Festival in October 2011 with Madonna and part of the cast attending. After the movie Madonna participated in a Q&A on stage
  • In January 2012 Madonna was a guest at the Graham Norton show in London to talk about the movie, here she also dropped the name of her upcoming MDNA album
  • While in London she also attended the UK premiere at the Odeon Cinema
  • In Holland the film was distributed by Dutch FilmWorks. A private screening for press and invitees was organized on January 17, 2012 in ‘The Movies’ cinema in Amsterdam. By now ‘Masterpiece’ had been added to the end credits, which was not the case during the earlier screening at the BFI Festival in London
  • The first official design for the Dutch film poster by Dutch FilmWorks was turned down by Madonna (too dark), the second design was approved
  • Madonna was invited to attend the Dutch premiere for W./E. in Amsterdam, unfortunately her schedule wouldn’t allow it
  • On March 14, 2012 in Pathe Cinema De Munt in Amsterdam W./E. premiered, seats were given away through competitions, people were invited and a few selected tickets were available for general sale

On the set of W./E.

W./E. BFI Screening London