Let’s go back to 1992/1993 where the whole world was obsessed with Madonna, and not necessarily in the most positive way. Madonna had just released her new studio album titled ‘Erotica’ with sensual music video and lead single. There was the extremely naughty (but beatifully boundbreaking) photobook SEX and then there was….Body Of Evidence. An erotic thriller, very similar in storyline to the very succesful and previously released ‘Basic Instinct’ starring Sharon Stone. The general public had seen enough ‘sex’ and made it a daily job to bash Madonna and her projects. It was a rough time but when looking back at it all, was it all really that bad?

Not at all. People now praise ‘Erotica’ for being so ahead of its time, an absolute brilliant underground record. SEX the book is still one of the most sought after books of all time, photographers and artists of today speak very highly of it. It was and is art in its purest form.

Body Of Evidence though we don’t hear a lot of anymore. Madonna starred in this movie together with Willem Dafoe, M actually put down quite a nice performance and the movie wasn’t that bad. It did very well as a rental video and M looked stunning.

To move on further with our extensive online Filmography, we hereby present Body Of Evidence:

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