Grammy® and Golden Globe® winner Madonna stars with Oscar® nominees* Willem Dafoe, Anne Archer and Julianne Moore in this “bold, shocking and titillating” (“Entertainment Tonight Radio”) erotic thriller. Rebecca Carlson (Madonna) is a powerful woman. Intelligent, successful and breathtakingly beautiful, she can bring almost any man to his knees. And that’s exactly where she wants them. But when a night of sexual abandon ends in the death of a prominent businessman, Rebecca finds herself on trial for murder. Now it’s up to her attorney (Dafoe) to prove her innocence…but when he becomes entangled in her web of erotic game-playing, his body of evidence begins to contain as many curves as his client. *Dafoe: Supporting Actor, Shadow of the Vampire (2000); Platoon (1986); Archer: Supporting Actress, Fatal Attraction (1987); Moore: Actress, The End of the Affair (1999); Supporting Actress, Boogie Nights (1997); Supporting Actress, The Hours (2002); Actress, Far From Heaven (2002)

Film Facts:

  • 1992 – released in 1993
  • Directed by: Uli Edel
  • Erotic Thriller
  • Madonna as Rebecca Carlson

Movie Exclusives:

  • Unfortunately the movie performed poorly at the box office
  • It did well as a rental video
  • people claim the movie flopped due to an overkill of Madonna, because the album ‘Erotica’ and the book SEX carried the same (erotic) theme and were released around the same time
  • People also compared this movie to the previously released Basic Instinct, as their storylines were similar
  • The movie was released in videostores in Holland with a double sided cover, to fit audiences
  • There’s quite a big mistake in one scene of the movie. The scene where Willem Dafoe and Madonna first make love (with candles and all). Madonna sits on Willem and pretends they’re having a great time, while all the time Mr. Dafoe’s manhood is clearly showing
  • unfortunately as always, the critics were very negative regarding Madonna’s performance in the film. While it really isn’t all that bad. But it seemed critics just saw it as another opportunity to put her down, not really actually reviewing her acting and the film.