….’Madonna is proof that while women will be sexualised in every which way, the world will turn their backs on them once they start sexuaising themselves, especially if it’s for performance or profit. It’s the same ideology that got Sarah Jayne Dunn sacked from Hollyoaks earlier this month and shames any woman with an OnlyFans career.

Madonna is having to fight against a sexist, ageist culture that once uplifted her, more so than her male counterparts will ever have to fight.

‘There are no rules for boys, but there are rules for girls,’ Madonna added in her 2016 Billboard speech. ‘You are allowed to be objectified by men and dress like a slut, but don’t own your sluttiness.’

That’s exactly the type of sexism that Piers – and all the other people shaming Madonna – are reinforcing. Madonna was and still is a sex symbol regardless of her age. Playing and performing with sexiness and what that means for her and the women who idolise her is what she’s good at. Let her keep running the show.

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