While writing songs, Madonna drew inspiration for her lyrics from numerous places. For example, one of her songs was inspired by a Gap ad — as well as her own spiritual journey. Here’s a look at what someone involved in the controversial ad received in return for inspiring a Madonna song.

It all started with a Gap ad that received quite a bit of attention. According to Entertainment Weekly, Max Blagg recited his poem “What Fits?” in an ad that depicted Mädchen Amick of Twin Peaks fame modeling jeans. The ad garnered varied responses. While some found the ad interesting, others decried it as pretentious. The ad even inspired parody ads for NBC programming.”Our spots were meant as flattery,” said Vince Manze, vice president of NBC. ”If some people thought the Gap ads were pretentious, so what? They had everybody talking. In advertising, that’s what’s important.” The Gap’s use of “What Fits?” apparently caught the attention of Madonna.

According to MTV News, Madonna’s publicist confirmed she drew inspiration from Blagg’s Gap ad to compose her song “Sky Fits Heaven.” In the track she used Blagg’s lines “Sky fits heaven so fly it” and Child fits mother so hold your baby tight,” slightly altering the former to “Sky fits heaven so ride it.” Blagg received compensation but not a writing credit on the song.

Madonna’s spiritual life inspired the song as well

Blagg was not the only inspiration behind the song. Spin’s Barry Walter said “Sky Fits Heaven” reflects Madonna’s spiritual life. He then asked her to discuss that side of her life.

“Sky Fits Heaven”

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