Madonna in a Snoop Dogg music video? Yeah, that happened.

The famed singer made an unexpected appearance in the rapper’s newest music video, delighting fans when she made a tweet revealing her cameo.

“Was so much fun to show up in @SnoopDogg video for his new song Gang Signs!” Madonna wrote, including a short clip of her appearance.

In the song “Gang Signs (feat. Mozzy)”, the video — directed by 4rAx and shot by Thee Shooters — shows Snoop rapping in a music studio before leaving to go to work in front of a green screen. Snoop name drops Madonna during the song with the lyrics “Crip walking with my homegirl Martha/While I’m passing joints to Madonna/Who wants to smoke with snoop let’s have a smoke or two/Puff puff pass that’s what real smokers do.”

During the line “passing joints to Madonna,” the singer appears for a quick blink-and-you’ll-miss-it appearance with bright blonde hair, smoking what seems to be a cigar and dancing energetically.

“Gang Signs” appeared on Snoop Dogg’s 18th studio album From Tha Streets 2 Tha Suites, which he released last month. Although Madonna is the only famous face that appears in the video, Snoop also drops another notable name in his song — the former president of the United States. “Still sippin’ gin and juice while I’m smoking marijuana / I bet you never blew with Obama,” the singer raps, implying that the two once hung out together for more than just a conversation.

We expect a Barack Obama cameo in Snoop’s next music video.

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