We have reported on this before, but just a short reminder

  • Saturday will be busy, next to Madonna’s show there is also a football match scheduled. Not only that but December 5 marks the Dutch tradition of Sinterklaas, traffic will be busy. Get there in time.
  • Live Nation strongly advices fans not to spend the night in front of the Ziggo Dome. There won’t be security and there is very big chance of police removing you when you try
  • Do not take any rucksacks or large bags with you, handbags are allowed
  • You can take camera’s with you, they will not be accepted however if they have interchangeable lense
  • You cannot bring food and or drinks with you into the arena, you can purcahse tickets inside for drinks and food
  • The Ziggo Dome has lockers for you to store your coat, bags, merchandise
  • DJ Lunice is scheduled to perform at 20:00, Madonna has been starting her show anywhere between 21.30-22.15. Keep in mind that Madonna started the shows in London early (21.00) because of a curfew.
  • Check www.gvb.nl for public transport information
  • There will be extra security at the door, so keep in mind that queuing to get in may take longer than ususal.