A bit late, but better late than never.

Madonna performed two spectacular shows in the O2 in London, without a doubt one of the best shows to date.

The O2 were shocked when suddenly on the first night, Madonna started the shows at 21.00 sharp (quite a shock for those that have been to previous shows). Idris Elba opened the first London show (refreshing to hear a good DJ set again).

Unfortunately it’s become a thing for some fans to claim seats that aren’t their own, just to be in the front. Unfortunately this led for Oasis’ Noel Gallagher to not get to his rightful assigned front row heart stage seat without the help of Guy Oseary.

Guy Oseary had to literally tell fans to please move, to make room for him, show some respect and do so (without arguing about it). However, Madonna was on fire from the start. The audience was the most enthusiastic I have seen so far, not sitting down once.

Madonna spoke about the tip of the heart stage and comparing it to the top of a penis. Madonna made a very thoughtful speach regarding World Aids day and for those up close, she was clearly touched and teary eyed. She performed the 80’s medley, Who’s That Girl followed by an out of this world version of Like a Prayer. We knew Stella McCartney was going to be an unapologetic bitch, so were surprised to see Graham Norton. But boy, was he amazing!!

The second night at the O2 was still amazing, but not as good as the first night, the crowed seemed, as Madonna stated ‘tired’. She did however start on time again, it is still a mystery to us whoever hired DJ Mary Mac.

She spoke about her dear friend David Collins that passed away the previous year and dedicated ‘Drowned World/Substitute For Love’ to him. The first time she’s performed this song since The Confessions Tour in 2006 and it was absolutely magical. A definite highlight and should be kept in the setlist.

Finally indeed Stella McCartney was the unapologetic bitch, being one of Madonna’s best friends this was a joy to M.

The UK press had nothing but positive things to say and rightfully so. Stay tuned for our gallery of HD shots (hundreds) coming today.

Next stop Amsterdam!