We saw our final two shows of Madonna’s Sticky & Sweet Tour in Paris at the Stade de France in 2008. After catching Madonna swift exit at her hotel that afternoon we headed to the stadium and were shocked by the size of the Golden Circle. The Golden Circle was so big that it almost took up the entire floor, Golden Circle was basically a General Admission ticket. Quite a few angry fans throwing their Hot Ticket passes to the staff….but unfortunately there was nothing they could do about it.

Bob Sinclar was the support act and played his set while the audience was busy with the Mexican Wave. Madonna started her show at 9.30 and was in a great mood, which is usually the case in Paris. The audience was great and participated from the start. Madonna was happy about the enthusiasm of the crowd and made sure to tell them that. She sang “Express Yourself” during the request section and danced her ass off. We decided to walk around the floor and take photographs from multiple angles.

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