“I do remember it was early 1990 that Madonna and I visited MAC’s Frank & Frank’s store in Canada to choose colors for her,” says Joanne Gair, Madonna’s makeup artist for the artist’s “Blond Ambition” tour, says. She was the lead artist who created the bespoke MAC shade for the pop icon’s run of unforgettable shows in 1990. “There were discussions with one of the Franks that day about a lipstick for her. Madonna chose the highly pigmented Russian Red as her signature color lipstick for the “Blond Ambition” tour that was to start on April 13th in 1990. This was also to be my first concert tour ever. Before meeting with MAC, Madonna knew exactly what she was looking for. As a well-versed performer she had great knowledge of what stage makeup would read if, by chance, the monitors on either side of the stage went down. A great deal of discussion went into her look between all of us that day, and what would be the most successful products for her to consider. Considering all the obstacles—like her performing on stage nonstop for two-plus hours with multiple quick costume changes—it was vital that the makeup would hold up. My job was to absorb and interpret all that was requested and bring the look together—including maintaining that ponytail that Peter Savic had designed for this tour.

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