“Madonna and the Breakfast Club” was the best docudrama of 2019. It highlights Madonna’s first musical group, the Breakfast Club.

Director Guy Guido did excellent work writing and directing this incredible film, proving that he is a true visionary. This docudrama is well-crafted and engaging as it chronicles Madonna’s rise to fame, and how it all started for her. It really delves beyond the surface, and it underscores such qualities as ambition, hard work, innovation, and tenacity.

It sheds light on the untold story of the “Queen of Pop” and her pre-fame years as she struggled in New York City with her then-boyfriend, musician Dan Gilroy, and their first band, the Breakfast Club, who served as the lead singer. Gilroy taught Madonna how to play the drums and then the guitar.

Jamie Auld gave a transformative and compelling acting performance as Madonna, and she chatted with Digital Journal about her experience making the film.

Most importantly, in Madonna and the Breakfast Club, Guido and Auld were able to take their fans and viewers on this journey with them. It is a must-watch for all fans of the “Material Girl.”

Madonna and the Breakfast Club is available on Amazon Prime.

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