Yes we are almost at the end of Madonna’s current Filmography, its been quite a ride and hope you enjoyed the tons and tons of scans, info and videos.

Madonna’s film ‘W.E.’ is nothing but stunning from start to finish in this visually beautifully done film. After her debut as a director with ‘Filth and Wisdom’, Madonna became obsessed with the story of King Edward III and Wallis Simpson and read every single thing she could find, just so she was sure the movie paid tribute to them. No one could deny that the film was a fiest for the eyes, every little detail, so subtle and wonderfully done. M deserved nothing but praise for this was only the second film for her to direct, and such a brave effort at that!

MadonnaUnderground is very proud to have helped with the Dutch promotion for the film, which was distributed by Dutch FilmWorks. We officially premiered the Dutch film poster, organised many competitions, attended screenings and just had an all over wonderful collaboration.

We have gathered so much for you to see in our W.E. online archives, lets sum it up:

  • Press – over 150 scanned articles from various magazines and newspapers!
  • Memorabilia – Rare releases such as the ‘For Your Consideration’ promo DVD and CD (for Masterpiece), official Dutch promo cd single for Masterpiece (it was the official 4th single in Holland), and much more!
  • Press stills – 74(!!) press stills all published with permission + some rare on set pictures by our team member Fred
  • Premiere Videos – various HD videos (including what we filmed at the BFI premiere)
  • Live Reports – Our personal reports on attending the BFI premiere in London with Madonna attending + what it was like being an extra on the set
  • Private Gallery – Our personal taken pictures at the BFI premiere + on the set of W.E.
  • Trailer – official Dutch trailer
  • Various Videos – view the making of, interview videos, Golden Globes and so much more!
  • Buy the film!

This one will take up some of your time, so sit back and relax and start clicking away in W.E.

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