This makes me think of what you say at the end of Madonna’s “Dark Ballet” video: “I’ve walked this earth black, queer and HIV-positive, but no transgression against me has been as powerful as the hope I hold within.” As we talk about homophobia and transphobia in the industry today, are you more optimistic about what you’ve seen in even the last five years? 

I am, because I think the more artists that come out, [the more it makes] a younger generation un-indoctrinated by all these ridiculous prejudices that we’ve had to endure as queer people and queer artists for so long. And as much courage as I think it would take for an artist to be out from the onset, I think it’s really amazing to win over the masses and then come out. If you’re a music lover and you love this song, if you attach memories to this album, you know then you really have to question your character if one of your favorite artists comes out and you can’t fuck with their music anymore.

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