Media (and several fansites) have been picking up the so called ‘interview’ that Timor Steffens did with The Mirror. According to the interview, Timor supposedly confirmed a relationship with Madonna and even claimed to want to have kids with her.

We can confirm that Timor did do an interview with The Mirror, but that his answers to some of the questions were completely taken out of context, making it look like these were his direct responses to Madonna related questions.

Unfortunately this is how the media sometimes works, they smell a good story, they smell a good rumour and they create a ‘fascinating’ story.

It is a shame so many people simply automatically believes what the media publishes, if you really use your head you might want to ask yourself ‘if Timor would confirm a relationship with Madonna, would The Mirror really be the right place to spill the beans?’

I am sure you will all agree that Timor is a lot smarter than that

Keep in mind that the media sadly does take advantage of good-doing by people, thankfully Timor is smart and chooses to ignore

Live and let live