From the live interview with Mirwais that aired just now on France 5 en direct

“Madonna is a music extremist, she could die for a good sound!” “She’s extremely impatient and asks me all the time, why does it take so long to become cool (in relation to my work to put her songs to music!)”. “She always wants to have the last word when we talk, so I talk to her about Spinoza and Freud to find something she can’t get her hands on…” (laughing) “Artistically I support her 1000%, but I don’t envy her at all, I have no desire to be in her entourage, I have no desire to live in her wake”. “However I always defend her, I find it disgusting that she is criticized for her artistic choices or even for her physique or her age… She fights for the music and for a real fight… We need more like her!” “I have been working with her for 20 years (we recently did Madame X together) and I can assure you that she has never changed! She has her feet on the ground and she is whole! She fights above all for the music”

Mirwais presented his new album which will be released on vinyl (and not on Deezer type internet platforms) he wants to release a collector’s item and many remixes and find the physical support is essential to the music.