The first time I met Madonna was at Selfridges for the book signing of Madonna’s children’s book “The Adventures of Abdi” in 2004. Yesterday I posted the photo gallery and today I would like to share my fully re-written report on the event.

Back in 2004 I documented the entire trip in a personal report and uploaded it to a while later. I revisited the report and felt it needed more details to get on that journey with me to experience what that day was like. I have incorporated many new details to the best of my knowledge and memory of that day. 

An excerpt:

….‘She was sitting right beside a large stack of “The Adventures of Abdi” books. Oh boy was there anyone really here for the book? She could have written ‘I am Madonna and I like to fart’ for all I cared and I would’ve eaten it up. My heart nearly dropped, I was standing in the same room as Madonna, minutes away from actually meeting her. I noticed just how tiny and fragile she seems, like this porcelain little doll. Her skin is truly like porcelain, is that why she always swims with clothes on? She wore her blond hair straight in a center-part with a light curl. She was dressed in a black top with a skirt and some great shoes, she was EXACTLY as I had imagined her. I recognized her assistant Angela sitting beside her.’

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