Five years ago today we traveled in the early hours by car to Paris to attend the Le Grand Journal TV recordings.

The weather was quite cold and upon arrival we quickly made our way into a nearby restaurant to get something to eat. We met up with fellow team member Fred (and later Alex) and counted the hours.

Once we were let inside the studio, our names were checked and we had to hand in EVERYTHING we brought (including wallet, phone etc.)

While waiting outside the entrance to the recording studio we caught up with M’s team to have a chat. Madonna was still rehearsing and the future Madame X needed it all to be absolutely perfect. Once inside we were placed on the tribune (we couldn’t pick our own seats). We were happy with where we were at, we would have perfect view once M would sit at the table for the interview.

Not long after Madonna took the stage to perform Living For Love and Ghosttown. She wasn’t happy though and performed Ghosttown a second time, complimenting the crowd by saying to her band ‘their clapping is confusing me’……

After the interview and the TV show ended, we were asked to stay in our seats. Confusing times followed, but to make a long story short we were handed a green bracelet and were made aware we were included in the organised Meet & Greet with Madonna! Words can’t begin to describe the emotions we felt. I wasn’t looking my best (thank those long hours in the car for that) and the chocolate bar I secretly brought inside the studio had started to melt in my pocket…..sticky & sweet indeed.

We were asked to wait in a locker area and were all shocked when Madonna & Andy Lecompte passed us by on their way to the ‘meet & greet’ area. Our little group was the first to go inside the area and meet Madonna. She was getting a touch-up (why I don’t know, I have rarely seen more make up on a person than right there and then) and we had to form a line in front of the red cloth.

Madonna was then led by her manager towards the first group of fans…..Us.


She shook hands with the first two guys that I had no clue of who they were and then spoke to Hans, she had quite some issues pronouncing his name. Then she was directed to me and was introduced by her manager ‘this is Kimberly’. Trying to look my best and hoping my teeth weren’t too dirty from the melted chocolate I held out my hand to shake hers. First thing I remember looking into her eyes was the excessive amount of make-up (but then again this was for a TV show) and the huge fake eyelashes, but nonetheless she still looked more beautiful than you can ever imagine she actually does. Her eyes!!

She was shown my tattoo of her autograph she wrote previously back in 2013 in Berlin. I told her how I got it tattooed the very next day. She held my arm, looked at it and said ‘oh wow’ (not sounding too impressed I must ad, but she did try). Before I knew it people were undressing themselves left and right in order to show Madonna their tattoos. The poor woman had no idea what was happening……I remember being very calm and explaining to her that ‘we were all just a bunch of crazy people from Holland’, even though from the six fans present only two actually were.

After the photographer took around five or six shots our meet & greet was over. I turned to Madonna and said something along the lines of ‘Thank you so much and I will see you on tour’. But in true Kimberly style, while turning and trying to walk away in grace, I tripped over one of those cables that were spread out on the floor. I distinctly remember seeing Madonna chuckle again…….

We received the photograph only a few days later because it had to be ‘approved’ first (in other words, it needed some photoshop). One year later I was blessed to be given a signed copy of the photograph, without a doubt my favourite item in my collection!

Five years later…..still blessed as it was the most amazing day!

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