With a background in painting and photography and a degree in linguistics, Aaron Smith Henrikson is not your average makeup artist. No wonder then that he has been plucked from the high fashion world into the close-knit team of one of the world’s most enduring megastars.

As Madonna’s official makeup artist, Smith Henrikson talks exclusively to Professional Beauty about his favourite Madonna makeup creations, life on the road, and what it’s like living the dream.  


Aaron Henrikson doing Madonna's make up for Rebel Heart Tour

Aaron Smith Henrikson doing Madonna’s make up for her Rebel Heart Tour.


You are the official makeup artist for Madonna. What is it like working with such an iconic and incredibly gifted person like Madonna?

Literally a dream come true and one of the greatest learning experiences of my life!!! Madonna not only has a gift for recognizing talent, but really shares her experience and knows how to bring out the best in others and help them reach their full potential.


What was your inspiration for Madonna’s makeup looks throughout her Rebel Hearttour?

The show was divided up into thematic sections, so I had to create something that could quickly flow from one into the next. Madonna opens the show with tightly choreographed battle scenes and I really wanted to underline her strength and power while doing something different from previous tours by sculpting a fierce warrior brow combined and combining it with some classic Madonna beauty elements. The bold brow flowed easily into the 1950s teddy-boy/Rockabilly inspired section. The lips flowed from a wine stain to a more defined deeper scarlet for the (third) Spanish section and finally to a classic iconic red for the Parisian 1920s-themed finale.  For this final act I also added some sheer pink camellia blush and a golden glossy lid.

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