Despite all her late starts at previous shows, M actually started quite on time at a little before 9pm! The show was finished around the clock of 11pm, M did keep saying throughout the show that she was meant to stop on time.

She did not perform either Sodade or Crave this time and did not make any changes to the choreography. She was in good spirits and seemed to enjoy herself a lot.

Madonna addressed her ‘fake British accent’ from when she permanently lived in London. She said she wasn’t aware of it at the time but when she looks back at interviews from those days, she’s like ‘why did you people let me do that?’ she said she blames it on Guy Ritchie as he ‘forced’ her, and that comment was met with boo’s from the crowd. 

The chair for the polaroid moment was out before she could ask. The polaroid sold for 1500GBP, at first she only got the 1000GBP offer which she wasn’t very happy about. 

She seemed to be enjoying performing ‘Come Alive’ the most. Fans agreed that it was an absolutely spectacular show!