On stage with the Batucadeiras, Kimi Djabaté’s “Ciao Bella” and the influences of Dino d’Santiago: American superstar Madonna’s album and tour make Cape Verdean and Guinean sounds known to the world.

Batucadeiras de Portugal, born in the Cova da Moura neighborhood, are one of the attractions of Madonna’s live concerts during the world tour that began in the United States in 2019. 14 women from the Cape Verdean women’s group are on stage with the american star.

“We were from the beginning, from the recording of the music video to the tour. We have been doing the concert since July in the United States,” explains Darlene Barreto, one of the Drummers who accompany the American superstar on stage.

“I think for all Batucadeiras, especially for Cape Verdean women, this has great significance. We are mainly representing African, Cape Verdean women, women of the world,” he says.

Sound Brotherhood

Anastácia Carvalho, a singer from São Toméan origin based in Portugal, is part of the artistic cast of Madonna. She is proud to have been invited to join Cova da Moura’s Batucadeiras group, as part of a project that highlights Creole and multicultural Lisbon.

“It has been a great experience, because, in fact, both Sao Tome and Angolans, Cape Verdeans, Guineans, we are a people who are always holding hands,” explains the singer.

“Being here, in this Cape Verdean project, being of Sao Tome origin in Angola, is really the junction of all this and represents unity, brotherhood. It is this mixture of the various nationalities that currently make up the musical landscape of Lisbon”, affirms.

Due to her experience of Lisbon, Madonna conceived her album “Madame X” as a result of the intersection with Latin, Portuguese and other world influences, namely African. One of the musicians who contributed to the pop star’s creative work is the Portuguese-Cape Verdean Dino d’Santiago, who made her listen to warm songs from Cape Verde.

Guinean talent

Kimi Djabaté, who recorded with Madonna the theme “Ciao Bella”, went this Thursday (16.01) to the Lisbon Coliseum to see the concert. The theme brings together coordinates of Afro-mandinga, blues and pop styles. It was at a dinner in Alfama (Lisbon) that Madonna discovered Kimi Djabaté singing.

“She took out her cell phone and started filming. So, there, I saw some sympathy on her part. And from there, whenever she goes somewhere, she makes a point of contacting me to bring her guitar and sing for her. So, our contact started like this “, recalls the artist.

From a griot family, the 20-year-old Guinean musician was proud to have been chosen to be part of the album: “I think all musicians and singers would be proud to be invited by Madonna to be part of this great album. project”.

For Kimi Djabaté, this was a form of recognition of his talent. He says he feels more confident as a musician after his experience with Madonna.

After touring several US cities, Madonna performs live at Lisbon’s Coliseu dos Recreios, from January 12 to 23, touring 37 concerts in London (UK) and Paris (France) from February to February March.

Auto translated from DW