Madonna may be a chart-topping pop star and international sex symbol, but she’s also the mother of six children, ranging in age from 22 to 6.

During an interview with, the 60-year-old superstar shared an adorable story about her youngest children, 6-year-old twins twin girls Estere and Stelle, while promoting her upcoming album Madame X.

As Madonna explains, being the child of Madonna can be a bit tiresome for her children when it comes to fans asking about their mom.

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Estere and Stelle, however, have apparently come up with the perfect response.

“The older ones could care less, and the younger ones, they think it’s funny,” Madonna shared.

“Today my 6-year-old twins said to me, ‘Mom, everyone’s always asking us if Madonna’s our mother. And we tell them, ‘No, Madame X is our mother,’” she quipped.

Despite her busy schedule, Madonna said she’s adamant about always making time for each of her six kids.

“If I’m in rehearsal, they come to see me,” she said. “My kids come to see me when I get home, then I go back to work. I usually try my best to have as many meals with them as possible.”

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