my name is Dave Crombeen.

I became a Madonna fan back in 1984. I was hooked instantly once I heard the Like a Virgin cassette at a friend’s house. I was seven years old at the time and throughout my youth I kept hearing ‘it’s just a phase’. I wanted Madonna, Madonna and nothing but Madonna. Bought her albums, singles, started to collect and my finger never left the REC button of my VCR.

Why Madonna?
I can relate every feeling and emotion to a Madonna song, she truly is the soundtrack to my life. Her voice touches me and I love her kick-ass attitude. I cannot imagine a life without Madonna.

The fun part of being a Madonna fan is meeting so many great people, some have become really good friends.

I was lucky to see Madonna live a number of times and I just can’t get enough:

Blond Ambition Tour 1x
Drowned World Tour 1x
Reinvention Tour 3x
Confessions Tour 3x
Sticky & Sweet ’08 3x
Sticky & Sweet ’09 2x
MDNA Tour 5x
Rebel Heart Tour 7x

Medellin video premiere London.


Favorite album: Erotica
Favorite song: Paradise (Not For Me)
Favorite music video: Bad Girl
Favorite tour: MDNA
Favorite item: Signed MDNA Skin poster


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