Madonna: Song by Song by Marc Andrews is your complete guide to the music of Madonna. Marc Andrews is a die-hard Madonna fan himself and is the author of two very well known and loved Australian Madonna fanzines – Madonna: The Unofficial Story (1989) and The Material Girlie Down Under (1993). He has also worked for Smash Hits and Classic Pop Magazine, this guy knows what he’s talking about.

Marc Andrews starts off this journey with Madonna’s very first release up until her latest Madame X record. Every single track is discussed, noting the music video, the remixes, release date and writers/producers. Besides the regular commercial releases, we also read about demo’s and unreleased material. Being a fan of Madonna’s music it’s always a celebration to learn more about Madonna’s recorded material.

Marc Andrews has done his research, did some good digging and created a book that will serve as the definite guide to Madonna’s legendary music catalogue.