Madonna had us screaming with excitement as she revealed she’s been writing a screenplay with Juno writer Diablo Cody. The Like A Virgin singer took to Instagram to share a black-and-white video of her and the producer sat on her couch, hard at work scribbling away.

She captioned the post: ‘When you’re stuck in a house with multiple injuries what do you do.? ………..Write a Screenplay with Diablo about…………..📖🎥🎬🎤🎼🖤?#nuts#iconic#walk#serve#diablo.’

The camera also panned to the coffee table, which was covered in drafts and different scripts. 

We need to know if this is her biopic or not. Madonna can be heard saying: ‘All these details are important,’ before detailing an outfit she once wore which included garters. We’d watch her biopic any day.

She then began goofing around, placing two peanuts up her nose and maybe she has been stuck in the house for too long. It looks like Madonna has been busy starting new projects and ending old relationships as it had been reported she will be leaving Interscope Records after nearly 10 years. She is apparently entertaining a deal at Warner Records, according to The Sun, where she initially started her decades-long career. The new ‘eight-figure’ deal could bring her back to her original roots.

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