There’s simply no keeping up with Madonna, even whilst at home (mansion) in a pandemic: one minute she’s typing away at typewriters and taking milk baths while waxing poetic about The Great Equalizer, the next she’s promoting coronavirus conspiracy theories and leaking Dua Lipa‘s album artwork early.

And now, we find her here: sitting in front of a table piled full of journals and notebooks, recounting Important Details, listening to Tronco Traxx‘s 1995 ballroom classic “Walk for Me” while sitting next to JunoUnited States of Tara and Jennifer’s Body scribe, Diablo Cody, who is dutifully typing away at a laptop.

And it sure sounds like she’s expressing…herself.

“When you’re stuck in a house with multiple injuries what do you do.? ………..Write a Screenplay with Diablo about…………..📖🎥🎬🎤🎼🖤? #nuts #iconic #walk #serve #diablo,” she captioned a video of herself and Diablo sitting together, discussing what sounds an awful lot like her iconic Blond Ambition Tour opening “Express Yourself” Jean Paul Gaultier cone bra outfit.

“The music starts – what’s the song? – all these details are important,” Madonna nags.

“The garters were over the suit bottoms, right?” Diablo clarifies.

“Pinstripe pants, corset…cone bra, zipped up the front, double-breasted suit coat goes over it. Et voila, an iconic costume,” Madonna recalls before sticking nuts up her nose. (Ignore her.)

Couple that intriguing clip with the latest, seemingly strange-but-maybe-not-so-strange-after-all news about her music career, courtesy of The Sun on the same day: “I can reveal the queen of pop has left her label Interscope after almost a decade and is poised to sign an eight-figure deal to return to Warner Records — the label which helped her become a superstar in the first 25 years of her career…it means she is in line to secure a big-money deal to ­continue releasing albums throughout her sixties, back at the label where she started her ­incredible music career,” Simon Boyle wrote in his Bizarre Column.

And at the same time, the 1990 “Vogue” U.S. maxi-single has magically popped on streaming services.

Connecting all the dots: is Madonna working with Warner Records once again for access to her back catalog because of a Madonna project with Diablo Cody on the way?

Her life, as one might say, is a mystery, but perhaps the Queen of Pop is about to be the one telling us all about it in her own words.