Madame X is alive and well, and she’s slaying… iTunes! Madonna’s “I Don’t Search I Find” remix EP is currently top 10 on the digital retailer, which would be wild under normal circumstances, but anything goes in 2020. So far this week, Mariah Carey and Madonna have traded places at number one — with albums released in 2008 and 1994, respectively. But I digress. The Queen of Pop’s latest EP is tailor-made for elderly gays who remember when a remix meant club beats instead of a random feature.

The lineup of DJs includes Chris Cox (one of the legends behind that “It’s Not Right It’s Okay” remix), EndorDJLWDJ Kue and Offer Nissim. They all bring a different perspective to “I Don’t Search I Find,” which recently became Madonna’s record-extending 50th #1 hit on Billboard’s Dance Club Songs chart. I’m just glad that Madame X is getting some belated love. In a decade or two, people will finally realize how bold and ambitious it is. The fact that something as insane as “I Don’t Search I Find” even exists is a miracle to begin with.

Stream Madonna’s remix EP below or buy a digital copy here to annoy another fanbase.

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